Final Silent Rage Sneak Peek

Hello happy hump day! This is it. The final sneak peek of my new book coming out tomorrow, Silent Rage! You guys, this book is getting me nervous for tomorrow. I’m happy to say the book is done. It’s going through one final look and will be ready on Amazon on Halloween.

Without wasting anymore time here is the last sneak for Silent Rage. Hope you guys like it. Spoilers ahead.

While I was asleep, I woke up to a sharp pain in my back, then another and another.

I didn’t know what’s going on because my head was faced down in the dirty floor, when I tried to move, I realized that someone was holding down my hands and feet. That was when I heard them. Trying to pinpoint what was going on in my mind, one of them had a knife creating deep dashes in my back.

The cool metal slicing through my back, at this moment, I would have screamed, but my voice was strained from screaming after the injections earlier today. Instead, tears burned through my sore eyes and dropped to the ground like bullets. My body was losing blood and all I could hear was the sound of the knife and them laughing out of enjoyment.