wednesday blog

Hey, Sernaro here and today I wanted to discuss doing what feels right both as an author and a person. Lately, I’ve been running circles through my head about a guy. Well I feel that putting out all the details about that would be inappropriate as I want to maintain a certain level of trust but to put it in the shortest way possible, there isn’t very much time for me to see him due to a recent opportunity. Well yeah…….. it hurts but I surprised myself in what I said to him.

In regards to that man, I let him know that he should take that opportunity. It’ll take him far away from me and even then I felt that I shouldn’t hold him back. If it is for his happiness, then I can sacrifice my own. There may be a chance that we can keep talking and something may work out but I don’t know yet and I just want to see what happens and worry about that later.

Now as an author, I was caught in between a decision to work hard for a project that is due very soon or to take my time to make sure the project comes out well before the editing process. Without spoiling too much, this project will be coming out soon and I wanna make sure it is done right as it is MY project. The right thing that I feel to do is to put myself into a more consistent schedule for my project so that even if I don’t finish it by the initial date that was supposed to be taken to edit, I can make a project I am proud of.

Didn’t really come out as inspiring as I thought it would in my head but thank you for reading my rant. Sernaro, out.