Life as of Right Now

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I got to talk to you about life. Where do I begin? So just to recap, after graduating college things have been a bit rough. During the summer, it was a cash drought.

Things were tough and finding a job after college was almost impossible to get. Although I had a few phone interviews, I didn’t make it to the next round. Multiple emails of jobs telling me the same thing, I didn’t get the positions. It was bothersome and the question of starting grad school early than expected weighed in my mind.

Over the summer I did mention the possibility of return to school in the fall and since I was going to do business in grad school, I had to prepare in taking an exam called the GMAT. I dreaded this the entire summer, knowing that I had to study for this thing in two month. Two freaking months! Not gonna lie, I was struggling. I finished school, my brain wanted to be on vacation mood but I had to force it back into study mood.

I hated it.

Besides worrying about the GMAT , I couldn’t find a job and that meant bills were piling up. Now it wasn’t student loans because I knew I had six months before they started bugging me. The bills I’m talking about are the ones that get you in college.

I’m talking about credit card debt. Yeah…. I would always hear my sister’s voice in my head whenever I received an email from the credit card people.

“Why have a credit card when you’re not even working?” Simple. Two years ago I was curious about credit cards also I was going through something and I deperately needed money. My parents couldn’t help me and neither did my siblings so I got a credit card.

To my surprise I was handling it pretty good. The only people who knew about it were my siblings and my best friend. Never told my parents. Anyways, the entire summer I couldn’t pay it off and the debt kept increasing.

I paid it off and I decided to close the account. I have many things to think about and I didn’t need credit card debt to be one of them. So the whole summer was tough, I was broke to the point my bank account went negative at least twice. Yeah wasn’t awesome.

But moving on, as you guys know I said I was going to grad school and I currently am. It’s great that I’m back in learning new things however, I’m not thrilled with the essays, exams and homework. But that’s school.

Grad school is so much different than when I was an undergrad. Things are more intense, the professors don’t play around and information is coming at you all at once. Just remember grad school is not for everyone. If you’re serious about learning more about a major and making that commitment than by all means go for it.

I’m not gonna go into my love life. Enough said through the poems A choice part 1 & 2. (There’s a possible part 3)

Also I’m getting ready for the official launch of Silent Rage. I’m ready for you guys to read and I can take a break for a moment before working on the release of the 2nd edition of the first Whispers in the Dark book coming in November. Then I have to prepare Hidden in the Dark is coming out in December.

In addition to that, I have other projects to work on so I do apologize if I’m distance and haven’t been posting lately. But I’m posting this today, I decided to post something on Saturday and a sneak peek on Sunday.

And there you guys have it. Sorry if I was bouncing around topic to topic, I was trying not go so much into detail and bore you but yeah. Next time it won’t feel too rushed or this crazy.