Story friday

I wrote a letter to you today. Not that I have anywhere to send it but I just needed to get these emotions out. It’s hard for me to admit that these feelings are really there after all this time trying to bottle it up. I wanted to tell you sooner but you slipped away before I could tell you.

I’ve always decided that I wanted to be by your side, I don’t understand it myself but I can’t get why that is. After all, I fell for the man who watched me try so hard for the sake of people who just keep taking. You strived to keep trying even to the end when you became so restless. I should’ve told you everything and maybe things might’ve been easier and I just hope you’re not dealing with it in the same way as me.

You’re probably never gonna read this but I never really intended for you to anyways. Seeing that you’ve found a way to move on from this place, I should probably consider moving on someday too. Until then, I wait for these days to go by so that I can once again see you even if its just to say goodbye.