Wednesday blog

Hey guys, Sernaro here. Still a little heartbroken in my own corner here but atleast I’m a productive heartbroken individual. Today I wanted to try to blog about the last few days starting after I finished editing a certain project for Taci (nudge nudge).

So yeah, in retail we’ve officially started holiday season since every other day is an overnight to do sets for christmas/black friday or early truck days cause apparently we need all the stock even though our stock room is now hilariously stuffed but whatever. So combining lack of a consistent sleep schedule with the amount of work I have to put in to keep my department at top form, I’m gonna be extremely tired.

On the bright side, me feeling like I have to be out there searching for someone because love is freaking complicated has made it so much easier to be up enough to actually work and focus on projects. Turns out writing is such a great distraction that I already got through twice the workload I expected to get by this point in the month. I don’t know how bad I’ll look like by December but right now, I’m feeling like distracting myself and pushing my emotions aside (^.^).

Probably not a healthy way of dealing with life but today is not the day. Sernaro signing off.