Silent Rage Book Cover Revealed!

Hey guys!! As you probably can tell, I’m pumped because I’ve been waiting to show you guys the official book cover for Silent Rage. I can’t believe the time has come for this moment. Let me explain the process that went behind it.

It first started as a design in my head. I showed this design months ago and I told you to remember it because it was a key part to main character and I thought it would be good as the book cover.

Then after weeks searching for the right person to help my bring this design to life, i found someone who saw my vision. Here is what the design looks like after being done on computer.

How awesome is that?

Seeing that just brought joy to me knowing this was actually happening. Then yesterday I got the final project and let’s just say I was jumping up and down with joy.

Okay, you ready?

You sure?

Alright I’m just messing with you, but here it is!

Ta da! Here it is! The official book cover for the upcoming novel Silent Rage! I still have a giant smile on my face to be honest. The cover looks amazing. It looks freaking badass and I love it. Especially with the blood.

As for the plain design of the symbol I have some ideas for a cool project. Guess we’ll see in the future. Anyways, what’s you’re opinion of the book cover?

Do you like it? Hate it? Or you’re just wanting until the book to finally come out? Which one are you willing to read the ebook or a print copy? Talk to guys later, hope this brighten up your day a little or if a lot then great!