Story Friday

I had a dream about you again. Last year I did and I kept it to myself but this time I wish I could tell you about it. If only there was a way for you to answer me but I guess you wouldn’t want to. Regardless I want you to know.

It was the holidays at work, just like any other. The skies outside were dark yet the building felt busy with the moving bodies of those shopping throughout. Well last year we closed really late to accommodate the customer’s needs and I remember just going along making sure my aisle’s were clean mundane as it were just passing the time.

That’s when I finally catch a glimpse of you, this time I knew it was a dream cause I was somehow informed that you were actually allowed to work despite having you let go months ago. But I didn’t care, I finally got to see you again. You didn’t answer me regarding the message I left you so I wasn’t sure if I could approach you.

Well I finally got my push when the closing manager came by and talked to you and was trying to catch up. Was it jealousy? Or maybe I just felt left out but I came out of my hiding spot to talk to you. You seemed excited to see me. We talked for a bit and you were trying to impress me with how you handled life for awhile and all I could go was chuckle and be happy for you.

With the manager finally continuing to make her rounds, kept going on about how life had treated us since that last time we saw each other. But I guess I teared up cause you got sad and asked what was wrong. I wanted to tell you that I really missed just talking with you that your voice was enough but I guess I had finally snapped cause all I could do was hug you before I woke up.

Do you think we’d ever get a chance like that again?