Blog Wednesday

Hey guys, Sernaro here. I feel like I hadn’t been 100% real with my feelings for awhile and I let an opportunity slip by. I don’t really want to give out all the details since this is more personal than professional but as a writer I have motivation to keep writing and I wish it was for a better reason.

To grossly summarize it, at work there was someone I really liked despite not being able to see them so much, I decided to humor myself and continue letting him know that I liked the idea of being around him cause I did, why wouldn’t I? I really liked him and thought he didn’t like me. Well cut to some time later and he leaves to pursue life somewhere else. A close friend told me that he liked me the whole time and he may still do. So here I am, worried that I’ll never get to see him again and truly upset at myself at 1:44am wondering if I did the right thing by not pushing myself to really admit my feelings.

Regret is a painful emotion but for me its a drive to finally take some time and really put my emotions out there in my works. I’ve always been busy and that hadn’t actually changed at all but seeing that I have so much pent up emotions and words left unsaid, I think I should have enough material to last me awhile. Sernaro, signing off.