To You (A choice pt 2)

So I lied

What I thought the last time, it wasn’t true

My feelings wouldn’t let me have closure

I tried

I struggled

Even with the support of my friends

It wasn’t enough

For you to be my first love

I wasn’t ready to let you go

I wasn’t ready to say goodbye

I talked to you and you tell me you still have feelings for me

My heart couldn’t take it and I just rushed into your embrace again

I missed it

The warmth, the security

I felt safe

But now someone new comes along and I’m conflicted

We struggled to make it work

What I thought it was you were always upset with me

It wasn’t the case

You tell me I wouldn’t listen to you

When I needed help, I didn’t go to you

And it bothered you

Last night I had to do it

New feelings came but they weren’t for you

It was for someone else

Though we had a small argument, in the end we held each other tight

You place soft kisses on my forehead as I couldn’t contain the tears

“All I want is for you to be happy”

He tells me in my ear

This pain of letting go, I didn’t want this

But I knew this time I had too

We made a pact that night

We agreed to remain good friends than bitter people

We kissed a final goodbye and this time I walked away

The tears flowed and my heart was hurt

But I know

Whenever I need something I know I have you

Whenever you need something you have me

We have each other’s back

And to you, I thank you