Sneak Peak – Silent Rage Edition

Happy Monday everyone! Sorry for posting late but I did want to post something today. I’ve been feeling under the weather so my creative thinking is fuzzy. Instead of posting a poem or quote, I decided to post another sneak peek of Silent Rage. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Everything is quiet. This is the only time where everyone can enjoy this moment, no experiments, no torture just absolute silent bliss. I remained on the floor with my back turned away from the rustic, iron bars trying to fade out of reality. This is perfect. No screams, no monsters just the wonderful, eerie silence.

This is it. A male voice echoes in my head. Well, it was nice while it lasted.

Come on! Now’s the time for payback. A scowl grew on my face.

“Go away,” I whispered trying to enter dreamland.

Jeez Aresen, can you be more annoying? A husky feminine voice questioned. Why is this happening to me? I swear, I’m cursed with this burden.

Shut the fuck up, Phyree. The male aka Aresen yelled back only for me to growl in annoyance.

“Will you two shut up. Not in the mood to listen to your stupid argument.” I told them without opening my eyes. Here’s a good reason to spiral into insanity, for once it would be nice if they let me get some sleep. I haven’t had a good sleep in… well ever but still if I could get at least an hour of quiet would be nice.

Tell that to him, he wants us dead. Isn’t that right Lana? Unfortunately, that wasn’t going to happen any time soon.

“Leave Lana alone. She doesn’t need to get involved.” I argued back. It came to the point I couldn’t go back to sleep and now I’m wide awake, just great.