The Gemist – (story/script)

Happy Friday everyone. Alright, for today’s story I’m sharing something that’s very special to me. This was my first EVER attempt to write a script. I wrote this about eight years ago. I didn’t know anything about screenplay writing and I thought, why not go for it and try it for myself. I always admire script writing whether it’s for television or movies.

I came up with this concept called the Gemist and I guess I was trying to make as a movie. Or was it for TV? I don’t remember. However, I did write a fanfiction on my concept and I cringe today at what I wrote. So much cringe. I’m talking word misplacement, grammar and spelling errors but at the time I didn’t care. I was happy that people enjoyed what I was writing. Maybe you read it or not but I’m not going to show you that mess.

I’m telling you in advance it’s mainly dialogue, I didn’t put much settings and details. Also I put myself and my friends in it. It was to mainly help me in the writing process to think what would happen if we got in this scenario. If there’s grammar and/or spelling errors I do apologize.

I am currently learning how to write a screenplay and maybe I can revise it a lot. But until that time comes, here is the first edition of my screenplay, The Gemist. Enjoy and comment what you think.

The Gemists


Saturn: It’s time to find the next guardians.

Ghost Kon: Saturn, are you sure about this?

Saturn: Kon, what choice do I have? The power of the gateways has awakened that can only mean they’re ready.

Ghost Raiden: How can you be so sure?

Saturn: I am the blue guardian aren’t I?

Ghost Raiden: I was the green guardian, what difference does it make?

Saturn: The power of the gateways can only be awake if someone happen to know about it and draws the picture. This person must also have seen the marking on their arm, you all may think it’s not time but there’s not much time left. I cannot guard these gateways any longer.

Ghost Nuka: There is another reason to your explanation isn’t there?

Saturn: *sigh* He’s back. I can sense him and he wants revenge.

Ghost Raiden: Claudius? We sent him to the deepest, darkest part in the universe. Now he’s coming back?

Saturn: *nods*

Ghost Ceann: Saturn doesn’t stand a chance against him; let her do this, if what Saturn say is true, it’s time for them to take their place. Knowing Claudius he’s going to be after Kon.

Ghost Kon: The only problem is I’m no longer living so he’ll be after the next purple guardian.  This one knows much about the gateways, the gems, and had beard the marking of the next guardian.

Ghost Nuka: Kon you sure about this?

Ghost Kon: Only the purple guardian can open the gateways and unlock unlimited power, all Saturn can do is locate the next guardians the power has increase doubled because of this person.

Ghost Raiden: Knowing Claudius he will create havoc on anything that gets in his way. He won’t stop until he has the key in his possession, and fill every world, even universe in darkness through the gates.

Ghost Ceann: I say Saturn; locate them.

Ghost Nuka: Do it.

Saturn: Right.

Claudius: I’m coming for you guardians, especially you Kon.


Alyssa: This is so boring.

Taci: I know right, I would really like a fire drill about now.

Alyssa: That would be nice.

Taci: Yeah.

Teacher: Alright we’ll pick this up after lunch, dismiss.

Taci: Thank you lunch! I thought I was gonna die of complete boredom.

Alyssa: Agree.

Taci: Hey guys what’s up!

Gigi: Nothing much, you?

Taci: Well that’s n– (whisper) what the hell?

Destiny: Uh… Taci you okay?

Taci: Huh? Oh yeah I’m fine.

Destiny: Ok then.

Alyssa: You sure you’re okay?

Taci: Yeah I’m fine I thought I saw something.

Teacher: Hope everyone had a nice lunch; it’s time to get back to work so here’s an article; do the questions, and a three page summary. All of this is due by the end of class so get started, you may listen to music and pair up with one other person.

Alyssa: You’re my partner.

Taci: Deal.

Alyssa: I got my half done how about–What’s wrong?

Taci: You don’t see that woman?

Alyssa: What woman? I don’t see anyone.

Taci: Alyssa there’s a woman right there dressed in a blue gown.

Alyssa: Sorry I don’t see her.

Taci: If you can’t see then why… She’s gone.

Alyssa: Who?

Taci: the woman she was right there. I’m losing my mind.

Alyssa: Maybe you didn’t get enough sleep.

Taci: Yeah maybe.


Jessica: Hey babe how was school?

Taci: It was fine.

Jessica: Anything new?

Taci: No, not really.

Jessica: Alright. Dad left money to order out if you’re hungry?

Taci: I’m not hungry yet I’m going to bed.

Jessica: Any homework?

Taci: Finished at school.

~Later that night~

Taci twist and turns in her sleep. People screaming, blood everywhere as she ran away from it. Running to a dead end the darkness consumed her causing Taci to jolt up.

 ~the next day~

Alyssa: Wow you don’t look so good.

Taci: Had a bad night.

Kayla: It must have been some bad night if you came to school looking this bad.

Taci: You have no idea.

Gigi: Hey peopl- damn Taci what happened to you?

Taci: I had a bad night.

Gigi: no kidding, wow you look terrible.

Taci: *gives a glare*

Gigi: *shrugs* I’m just saying.

Alyssa: I know something that can make you feel better.

Taci: What?

Alyssa: I got some candy we can eat in History class; we’re watching a movie so might as well. And you can sleep the entire class.

Taci: Yeah that does make me feel better.

Taci: I can’t go to sleep. Every time I do my nightmare haunts me, and it’s very realistic, I just can’t.

Alyssa: This must be serious it’s only been ten minutes; maybe you should go to the bathroom or the nurse. You’re looking pale.

Taci: I won’t go to the nurse because she can’t do anything, except tell me to rest, and if I do my freaking nightmare will haunt me! I’ll just go to the bathroom.

Taci: Just relax it’s just a nightmare, it is not real. Maybe I should go to the nurse for some pain killers… WHOA! I just I’m really seeing things. *screams and runs out of the bathroom*

Alyssa: Oh my god! Taci what happened to you? Why is your shirt ripped up?

Taci: Because I’m seeing things that are scaring the shit out of me! I don’t know what it was but this alien like thing was chasing and was trying to kill me! When I took a turn it disappeared, when I thought it was gone it was in front of me and clawed my shirt. Something weird is going on and I don’t know-

Alyssa: Taci you’re bleeding!

Taci: What? Shit!

Alyssa: Come on I’ll bring you to the nurse.

Nurse: There we go, all fixed up you better be careful next time.

Taci: *nods*

Alyssa: Thank you. (nurse leaves)

Alyssa: *crossed her arms* Alright spill what’ going on?

Taci: I have no idea! I was fine until yesterday after lunch, now this is happening I can’t even close my eyes for five second without this thing attacking my dreams. You really want to know something abnormal then look at this picture I took while you were dragging me to the nurse.

Alyssa: They… look like symbols.

Taci: Yeah. Now look at this picture.

Alyssa: They’re exactly the same. Do you know what they mean?

Taci: No I don’t. 

Alyssa: That is abnormal, so what about the thing that attacked you?

Taci: That thing was real! Otherwise I wouldn’t have a ripped shirt, it wanted something from me and I have no idea why!

Alyssa: Well we’ll have to be on the lookout.

Taci: How? You can’t see the things I see; it’s going to be useless.

Alyssa: You can tell me what you see, and I can write it down for observations. Now come on we’re late for our next class.

Taci: Alright.

Alyssa: Don’t worry I’m going to help you get through this. Taci?

Taci: Alyssa it’s back.

Alyssa:*gasp* was that the thing you were talking about?

Taci: Yeah. You can see it?

Alyssa: Yeah.

Taci: Run.

Alyssa: Why is it chasing us?!

Taci: I don’t think it wants you! Come on! Follow that guy!

Alyssa: Who?

Taci: The one dressed in purple, let’s go!

Alyssa: We’re headed outside? Are you crazy?

Taci: Do you have a better idea?!

Alyssa: Okay so the sunlight kills bad monsters, got it. Run.

Alyssa: Urgh, where are we? Taci? Hello? Who’s there?

Sally: Ow, that hurt.

Alyssa: Are you okay?

Sally: Yeah. I’m Sally.

Alyssa: I’m Alyssa it’s nice to meet you.

Carrington: That freaking hurt.

Sally: Carrington?

Carrington: Sally? What are you doing here?

Sally: I could ask you the same thing. Carrington this is Alyssa, Alyssa this is Carrington, Taci’s cousin.

Alyssa: Wait, Taci as in Taciana?

Sally: Yeah we’ve been friend since the first grade.

Carrington: She’s my cousin.

Alyssa: So you’re Sally, Taci talks about you. I love your clothes.

Sally: Thanks and I love your hair.

Alyssa: Thank you. Taci, come on answer!

Carrington: Hey there’s someone over there. You okay, dude?

Sally: Wait a minute I remember him from somewhere. Cody?

Cody: Yeah? How do you know my name?

Sally: It’s me Sally… You know Taci’s friend.

Cody: As in Taciana?

Sally: Yup. Let me help you up.

Carrington: I’m Carrington.

Cody: Nice to meet you.

Carrington: Where the hell did Alyssa go?

Sally: Alyssa!

Alyssa: Over here I found Taci!

Carrington: Damn what happened to her?

Alyssa: She’s been seeing things that want to hurt her.

Sally: What happened to her arm?

Alyssa: Yes! She has her phone. Check it out; this is the picture she took.

Cody: They look like symbols, what do they mean?

Alyssa: We don’t know. Taci wake up!

Taci: W-What happened?

Sally: Taci you’re somewhat ok!

Taci: S-Sally? Carrington? What’s going on here?

Sally: Don’t forget Cody.

Taci: Cody’s here?

Cody: hey Taci. Long time no see.

Taci: What’s going on, where are we?

Alyssa: We’re not so sure.

Carrington: Guys you might want to see this.

Sally: They’re gates?

Carrington: Check out the designs.

Alyssa: Both look demonic, but they’re in different color.

Taci: Someone’s here.

Sally: What?

Cody: Who’s there?

Saturn: Many apologizes if I startled you.

Alyssa: Who are you?

Saturn: My name is Ezerina, but you may call me Saturn.

Alyssa: I’m Alyssa, and this is Carrington, Sally, Cody, and Taci.

Saturn: A pleasure to meet you all.

Carrington: Where are we?

Saturn: You are safe here.

Sally: From what?

Saturn: From the darkness.

Cody: Before any of us continues to ask questions, why don’t we let her explain what’s going on?

Saturn: You five are here to become the next gemists or guardians.

Carrington: What the hell is a gemist?

Saturn: A gemist is someone who is chosen to weld the power of these powerful gems. Once chosen it’s their responsibility to carry out their job as guardians and protect their world and universe.

Sally: What about that?

Saturn: Those are known as the two gateways; both look demonic, both a different color, but there’s a difference between them. Inside one has multi universe of sweet dreams and the other contains fearful nightmares.

Carrington: What about in between? Because we live on a planet where there’s good and bad.

Saturn: The in between worlds are unlock by a special key.

Cody: Hey, did you know that both gateways have one side of the door in the same design?

Saturn: So you notice, combine those two together and it reveals a third gateway; the gateway of the in between.

Taci: Why are you telling us this?

Saturn: So you’re the one Kon was telling me about. What happened to your arm?

Taci: I have symbols carved in my skin. Wait a minute… it’s you! The woman I saw yesterday, I recognize that outfit anywhere.

Alyssa: Saturn was the one you saw yesterday in class?

Taci: Yes.

Alyssa: Maybe you can help us; Taci has been seeing things that are making her feel awful.

Saturn: Like what?

Alyssa: She said she can’t close her eyes because of some really bad nightmare, those symbols in her arm, and not to mention this creature that attacked us.

Saturn: Creature? Could you only see it?

Taci: At first yeah, then Alyssa saw it after helping me out of the nurse’s office.

Saturn: Did it have a symbol like this on its forehead?

Taci: That’s one of the symbols in my arm. Why was that creature coming after me anyways?

Saturn: That creature is known as Ryuk. They are excellent servants and yet ruthless assassins. Only you alone can see the creature, but when Alyssa helped you by direct contact she was able to see this creature as well. Ryuk was trying to kill you.

Taci: What! Oh man if it wasn’t for that guy in purple would be dead.

Saturn: Guy in purple?

Taci: Yeah, why?

Saturn: did he have the same markings as you?

Taci: Yes he guided me outside where that thing died in the sunlight.

Saturn: His name was Kon he was the guardian before you. He must have known you were going to be in trouble.

Alyssa: So why is this happening to Taci?

Saturn: Because the gem she will have has a connection with the dark gem.

Cody: Dark gem?

Saturn: There were six gems red, blue, green, pink, purple, and gray. And purple and gray had a connection with darkness, when I was chosen as the blue guardian there was one chosen as the gray, his name was Claudius. Him along the others Kon as purple, Raiden as green, Ceann as pink, and Nuka as red we fought against evil and protected the gateways. But the power soon consumed him turning him against us. We fought with everything in the end Claudius was sent to the deepest, darkest part in the universe and I was the only guardian left. The others sacrificed their lives to bring balance. Leaving me here to protect the gateways for many millennia’s, but Claudius is coming back and it’s now time for new guardians to defeat Claudius once and for all. He will not stop until he has you’re friend in his possession.

Sally: Why purple? What about the other gems?

Saturn: Each gem contains their own trait; red for bravery and leadership, green as righteousness and determination, blue for wisdom and knowledge, pink for hope and courage, and purple for strength and imaginative. It has always been that way I never understood why gray and purple are linked together. But I do know this, it was the purple gem that created the gateways which stored unlimited power, it has also been said when someone draws the picture of the gateways and bears unknown symbol it’s the purple gem’s doing.

Carrington: Okay so basically what you’re trying to say is that some guy you banned is coming back, wants revenge, and wants to take over every universe there is?

Alyssa: And that whoever is the purple guardian that’s Claudius’s target to use the gateways for his own purposes.

Saturn: Yes.

Cody: Taci’s the purple guardian. Because I know those gateways from somewhere, Taci didn’t you drew them in the seventh or eighth grade.

Taci: *nod*

Cody: Also Saturn just told us that the purple and gray gems are linked together somehow with darkness. So why is it Taci see things that scare her so bad that it’s affecting her, and have those symbols carved in her skin?

Saturn: Whoever is the purple guardian bears the symbols on their forearm.

Alyssa: Wait a minute; you said the purple guardian stands for strength and creative with imagination that does sound like Taci.  And considering you were able to find out about the third gateway and that Taci’s the purple guardian, which means you’re the blue guardian Cody. Blue did stand for wisdom and knowledge.

Saturn: Yes and you Alyssa is the pink guardian, Sally is the green, and Carrington you are the red guardian.  

Carrington: I knew I was going to be either red or blue.

Sally: Can you not be annoying for at least five minutes?

Carrington: No.

Sally: *sigh*

Saturn: I don’t have much time left… take this inside are the gems, once they’re in your body you will notice symptoms.


Saturn: Fulfill your destiny, defeat Claudius, and restore balance– 

Alyssa: She’s gone.

Carrington: What did she mean symptoms?

Cody: Maybe symptoms meant powers?

Taci: So how do we open this box?

Sally: It doesn’t look like it can open on any sides.

Alyssa: Well there’s got to be a way. Remember what Saturn said Claudius is coming and we have to defeat him.

Carrington: Don’t worry we will but we have to get this box open first!

Cody: Taci. Got any ideas on how to open this box? Taci? TACI! Come on wake u-err (faints)

Sally: Cody? What’s going o– (faints)

Alyssa: I don’t feel so– (faints)

Carrington: Shit! Guys wake up… we have to get this b- (faints)


Taci: My head. Where am I? I’m… home?

Jessica: Hey babe how are you feeling?

Taci: Like I got hit by a truck. What happened?

Jessica: You don’t remember? You came home and you looked terrible. When I asked you if you were alright, you didn’t say anything except went to bed.

Taci: R-r-r-right. Umm just per say how exactly did I look?

Jessica: Your shirt was ripped and your clothes were dirty, you looked lighter than usual more pale and the creepiest thing was your eyes.

Taci: What about them?

Jessica: Taci, they were big like how the cats are when its night and the color were pitched black. Are you sure you’re okay? Do you wanna talk about it?

Taci: No. I’m fine.

Taci: Hello? Whos there? *screams and runs* Get away from me! Help! Someone help me! *screams and wakes up from dream* Crap I’m late! My shoulder, that thing will be the death of me.

Jessica: Taci are you okay? I heard you scream.

Taci: Yeah I thought I had a spider on my head. Hey can you bring me to school? I overslept.

Jessica: Serves you right.

Taci: Jess come on this is the first time I asked you this year. I’m going through something and no I don’t want to talk about it.

Jessica: Fine. Give me five minutes.

Alyssa: Taci you look worst than yesterday.

Taci: Come with me to the bathroom. Remember that creature you saw yesterday?

Alyssa: Yeah, Ryuk. Don’t tell me it came back?

Taci: This time in my sleep I woke up to a bleeding scarred shoulder and I miss the bus. It took me five to ten minutes to stop the bleeding and wrap up my shoulder. Here are some bandages I got from my parents room. I need you to rewrap the wound.

Alyssa: Got any disinfecting wipes? Thank you. Oh my god. That thing did this to you?

Taci: Yes.

Alyssa:*sigh* this may sting. Did Sally or Carrington talk to you about you know what?

Taci: No. All I remember was Carrington holding the box before I blacked out. *grunts in pain*

Alyssa: All cleaned and wrapped.

Taci: Thanks.

Alyssa: what’s up?

Taci: It’s a text message from Cody. He said he knows how to open the box.

Alyssa: How?

Taci: He said he got this book that has the information we need. He’s wondering when we should meet up?

Alyssa: Lets meet up right away. At the old abandoned warehouse on warren ave at 5 O’clock

Taci: Ok, I’ll tell the others

All: Meeting at old abandoned warehouse on warren ave ASAP!!!

Sally: Hello? Anyone here?

Carrington: Yeah dummy. Me.

Sally: Seriously I don’t understand how you are the red guardian. You’re more ignorant and self centered.

Carrington: Yeah that does sound like me.

Taci: Can you two not fight for five minutes?

Sally: Tell that to your cousin.

Carrington: What? So now you’re blaming me?

Taci: Shut up! Both of you!

Alyssa: Wow Taci I could hear you when I was coming in the building.

Taci: These two won’t stop arguing.

Cody: Everyone here?

Taci: Yeah. So what’s this about a book?

Cody: I found this book lying next to me when I awoke from passing out.

Carrington: That looks like a witch craft book.

Cody: I know it does but when I opened it, there was information about the gems and their history.

Sally: Okay. So how do we open the box?

Cody: *looks through the book* Carrington put the box down.

Carrington: *puts the box down*

Cody: Apparently we are supposed to place our hands above the box and say our designated colors.

Alyssa: You sure?

Cody: That’s what it said.

Taci: Alright. Purple. *purple gem glows*

Alyssa: Pink. *pink gem glows*

Cody: Blue. *blue gem glows*

Sally: Green. *green gems glows*

Carrington: Red. *red gem glows*

All: *pushed away*

Carrington: *cough* that went well.

Alyssa: Something went wrong. Are you sure that’s the way to open the box?

Cody: *cough, cough* that’s what the book said.

Taci: Can I see the book? I’m sure if we did that again the same result will happen.

Cody: *hands Taci the book.*

Taci: Whoa. Ok, that’s freaky.

Cody: Whenever you touch the book those symbols appear. Interesting.

Taci: Whoa. We got weapons cool.

Carrington: We got weapons? Which one do I have?

Sally: Really you’re more concerned about the weapons?

Carrington: Uh yeah.

Alyssa: We can find out about the weapons later. First we need to open the box.

Taci: Right. Here it is. Cody was right about putting our hands above the box and saying our color, however we have to do it in an order.

Carrington: So how does the order go?

Taci: The order is; red, green, blue, pink, then purple.

Alyssa: Are you sure?

Cody: She’s right. That’s the order.

Sally: Better not get pushed back again.

Taci: Wait! Before we do it, the book says once the box is unlocked you must take the gem and place it on your desired part of the body. So it may enter through.

Carrington: Desired part of the body?

Cody: When it enters the body it will create the mark of territory.

Alyssa: Meaning what?

Taci: When you have the gem put it somewhere like you would if you were getting something like a tattoo.

Cody: And when it enters for example on the back of your left arm, it will have a mark or symbol to show what guardian we are. Like Taci said it the mark of territory is like a tattoo.

Carrington: What about the symptoms?

Cody: The symptoms include being ill for five days, a notice in our powers, and a possibility change in hair, eye and skin color.

Sally: A change in hair, eye, and skin color?

Cody: There’s a possibility. Hopefully not.

Carrington: Is this going to painful when it enters our bodies?

Taci: It doesn’t say.

Alyssa: Alright let’s do it.

Carrington: Red. *red gem glows*

Sally: Green. *green gem glows*

Cody: Blue. *blue gem glows*

Alyssa: Pink. *pink gem glows*

Taci: Purple. *purple gem glows*

All: *pushed back again*

Carrington: I thought you said that was the order.

Taci: *cough* It was.

Sally: Guys look.

Alyssa: The box is open. So we put them in a place where we would have a tattoo?

Taci: Yeah.

All: *yell in pain*

Carrington: what the hell it burns!

Sally: They should write it would be painful. *scream in pain*

All: *pass out.*

Taci: *wakes*  I’m… in bed? *cough, cough* seriously if I kept passing out and waking up in my bed Jessica will suspect something wrong.

Jeanette: Taci! Finally you’re awake.

Taci: Yeah. When did you and Jason come?

Jeanette: Last night. When I asked for you Jessica said you were acting strange when you came home. Is everything ok?

Taci: I’m just getting a cold that’s all.

Jeanette: some cold if it’s turning my little sister really pale and making you look like the dead.

Taci: where’s Jason?

Jeanette: He took Mike to buy new games for his new game system.

Taci: Great. I’ll see you later Jeanette.

Jeanette: You got plans?

Taci: Yeah if you want we can have a girl’s night out tonight? Deal?

Jeanette: Deal.

Taci: Sally. Meeting at abandon warehouse?

Taci: Hey guys I’m here.

Carrington: Now that everyone’s here, can we talk about what the hell happened yesterday?

 Sally: They should really write down how painful it is when the gem goes in the body. It’s torture! I have never felt pain like that before!

Cody: Other than the agonizing pain… has anyone notice any changes at all?

Taci: *cough cough* I think I’m getting the five day illness. What is the five day illness?

Cody: The five day illness is stages for the gem to adjust to the body. It’s to form the guardian body.

Taci: This better not make me anorexic. *crosses her arms*

Alyssa: What are the stages?

Cody: Whoa. That’s a bit extreme.

Sally: Tell us alright!

Cody: The first stage is vomiting. And you might puke blood.

Alyssa: Are you serious?! Gross!

Cody: The second stage is intense body ache.

Carrington: Great.

Cody: The third stage is teary eyes and painful headaches.

Sally: Gonna need a lot of pain killers.

Cody: Fourth stage is extreme sweating due to the rise of our body heat. For a gemist, the body heat it should be around 165F.

Taci: *raise an eyebrow* 

Carrington: Wait a minute! When a human’s temperature surpasses 108, they die.

Taci: Right a human. We’re gemist now, meaning we’re abnormal. It will be a challenge but when that day comes stay in a cool place.

Cody: The final stage is the heart. The gem will enter the heart and take its place. As for the heart itself it will continue to beat and be a barrier to the gem.

Carrington: I’m confused now.

Alyssa: Same here. You’re saying we are going to have two hearts?

Cody: Yes. From what this book is saying.

Sally: What happens to the heart we have now stops beating?

Cody: then the gem will take its place.

 Carrington: That’s going to be a living hell. Having a gem be your heart? Tell me that doesn’t sound impossible.

Alyssa: Carrington’s right. And the pain level for the final stage?

Cody: … Death.

All: WHAT!

Carrington: Okay how can I remove this thing out of my body?

Cody: If the gem isn’t removed within the next seven hours it has already started working.

Carrington: What time did we pass out yesterday?

Taci: 6:00. *shrugs*

Sally: Then we’re too late to remove them. It’s already one o clock. Besides when does this five day illness begin?

Cody: In thirty two hours. The gems were in our bodies since six yesterday after noon, then we should start getting it tomorrow at six in the morning.

Taci: If I’m going to puke all day tomorrow and possibly the next day I’m staying home I’m not going to school.

Alyssa: Agree.

Carrington: So what do we do now?

Alyssa: Taci, didn’t you say we have weapons? Why don’t we find out about them?

Carrington: I second that idea.