People who influenced my writing

It’s hump day and I hope everyone is surviving the week. With Silent Rage coming soon along with book 2 of the Whispers series it made me take a road trip down memory lane. Looking back I didn’t start writing stories. However, writing was always there. Whether I was writing a poem or just my thoughts in my journal, I would write about anything.

But how did I figure out my type of writing? Well it’s because of these people I found the love for my writing style.

  1. John R. Dilworth – Courage the Cowardly Dog

It started when I was six and a certain show played on TV called Courage the Cowardly Dog. As some of you know from reading my previous blog, that was my favorite childhood show.


Created by John R. Dilworth, the show was weird, funny, entertaining and scary. The show is about a dog named Courage who faces usual things in order to keep his owner Muriel safe while living in the middle of nowhere. Though some episodes gave me nightmares I would always go back to watch it. This was the beginning of enjoy things creepy and what bumps in the night. The creative process that went into this show, the voice actors and the show as a whole will always have a place in my heart.

2. Tim Burton – Corpse Bride/ The Nightmare before Christmas

By the time I reached ten I discovered the spooky, wonderful world of Tim Burton. The movie Corpse Bride came out and I fell in love from the beginning.

Like Courage, Tim Burton’s direction with this movie was towards dark messages and humor.

Not to mention the music numbers in the film were super catchy. One of the popular track, Tears to Shed did get me in my feelings. His creepy style was nothing I’ve ever seen before. For a kid watching a lot of tv, the shows were filled with bright colors and cheerful stuff. This was the opposite. Funny enough it was also the same time I discovered The Nightmare before Christmas.

After watching this movie, my love for Halloween increased.

I immediately fell in love the main character Jack Skellington. I believed Victor from corpse bride became Jack and to this day I still believe that theory. Don’t judge.

3. Scary Godmother – Jill Thompson

Once October came there was a movie that would play on Cartoon Network almost everyday until Halloween and that was Scary Godmother.

From the two movies they made, both were adaptations from the best selling children books. At this point in my life I realized anything chilling that can bring a type a fear I can handle was my style. Plus October was ultimately my favorite month of the year other than my birth month December. By the time I knew about the movie it was the time I was writing poems in my journal.

4. Edgar Allen Poe – The Masque of the Red Death

Finishing off the list would be the writer himself, Edgar Allan Poe. I came across his work freshmen year of high school. October rolled around and the professor thought it would be a good idea to learn some dark literature. Which of course I didn’t mind. Thus came Edgar and I was hooked on his stories. Besides the iconic The Raven and many others there was one in particular that truly caught my attention.

The Masque of the Red Death.

Even the name sounded awesome and mysterious. His work got me inspire to write my first dark story. Unfortunately I lost it, however the poems I’ve written are still with me and one poem I tried to make it similar to his work.

It took years to get where I am. It took time to figure out my type of writing and the genre I enjoy with it. To tell you the truth, I’m happy these people’s work find their way to me. Writing dark things are in my comfort zone, not once I tried writing something of pure happiness and joy. Most likely would have a cruel ending or plot twist. I guess I’m just that person.