To a better Tomorrow

I impatiently sat on the cushion of a my seat in the train room, uncomfortably shifting my leg up and down in a nervous fit. Still, I tried to sit properly as my late father had taught me to, with my legs together and my hands displayed neatly on my lap. The back is meant to be straightened upwards with a light smile to complete the whole facade yet I can’t say the same for mine. My father would’ve scolded me for my hunched shoulders and my nervous disposition but I couldn’t help it. I sighed a deep breath trying to calm myself. A knock on the door brings me back to reality.

“Come in.” I state as calmly as is manageable. Taking a deep breath, the moment is taken to straighten my back and cross my legs.

The door suddenly swings open to reveal a woman much older than I. Her hair was a nice silver put together in a bun, her outfit was a nice blue suit with a skirt and jacket that matches with her white shirt all completed with a lovely smile. I couldn’t help to smile back at the stranger not knowing what to do next.

“oh dear! I’m not at the right train car room!” The shock was apparent in her voice but the genuine intent behind it allowed me a moment to sigh in relief.

“It is quite alright. Do you know where to go to get back to your train car miss?”

“My dear are you alright? You seem quite nervous.” My eyes widened before I looked down to see my right leg doing its nervous dance all over again. I smiled a nervous smile back at her now that my facade has been discovered.

“I suppose I am not, if you are interested my fiancé should be coming back any moment with some tea and biscuits from the food car.”

“That would be quite lovely if you would have me.” The woman made her way into the room and sat across from me sitting properly as expected.

“So tell me child, why are you so nervous?”

“I suppose its from a number of things really. I am to be wed to my fiancé soon.”

“A wedding! How lovely!”

“Yes, I am excited to do so yet a part of me feels like it is missing something.”

“Do you love your fiancé?”

“I do ma’am. I just can’t imagine being apart from him. You see, he manages the hospitality side of this train.”

“That must be so difficult, you poor thing.”

“It is, but talking about has calmed me down very much.”

“In that case I shall take my leave, I’m sure my son should be worried about me by now.”

I nodded to her in appreciation as she nodded back with kind eyes. As she left the train car I took a deep breath and set myself back to straighten my back, chin up, and smile. It was then that I finally noticed my leg stop moving on its own.