Cursed Lovers

Happy Friday everyone! Here’s a new short story. This was written about 2 years ago and I recently remembered it. I written it based off a writing prompt late at night. This is 1 out of 5 stories based off writing prompts so without farther ado, enjoy.

 Writing prompt: Write a myth to explain why the sun rises and sets.

 Would you say it’s love? Would you say it’s care? Is it worth sacrificing a life every time? Suyra shined bright has he was the barer of light from the sun to grace the lands, water, mountains of the Earth. He’s smile was bright as the sun’s rays as well as his smoking features. Many goddess and even gods alike wanted to be with him, but he would always turn them down. There was no one he seemed to be interested with until he saw her.

She was unlike the other goddess; she was quiet, to herself and paid no mind to him at all. With her pale skin in contrast with his bronze tan and long, waist length, pure white hair resembling the moon to his golden blonde hair he felt something that he did not know. For all he knew, this feeling was a scare to him.  One day when his duties of spreading light to the Earth he stared at the moon and decided to figure out what this feeling he had in his chest.

As he arrived to the moon he couldn’t help but hear a soft melody, close to a soothing lullaby nearby. Following the soft played tunes, he came to a stop as he saw nothing but beauty and innocence as the goddess dances to the melody without noticing the presence of a guest. Her arms moved gracefully and feet moving in sync not missing a step, with every twirl a star was born floating right beside her. The more she twirled the more stars were born to the point she stopped and with a gentle smile on her face she blew the stars into the pitch black creating art in her mist. Surya stood amazed of what he just witnesses.

Thump. Thump, thump. There it goes again. What was this he was feeling. As he placed his hand on his chest, the goddess turns to see that she was not only. Suyra looks up to have a pair of silver eyes staring right into his yellow ones. He did not say anything for he didn’t know what to say. The woman ran from him in fear. Suyra followed her to explain himself. He chased her among the stars until she hid behind the almighty Zeus. Zeus turned to him upset, Suyra began to explain what happened but Zeus would not hear it and so snapped his fingers. Suddenly Suyra began to feel unbearable pain to where he collapsed dead on the spot. His body glowed then vanish before them.

Zeus turned to the goddess, he told her that she would have an important job for her and to not worry about Suyra. For it was her responsibility to bright night to the humans to ensure sweet dreams and peaceful slumber. With her stars shining brightly in the night they would not fear the darkness anymore. And when she grows tried she was able to rest in the moon until it was time again. She agreed. However, secretly she couldn’t deny what she was feeling on the inside. Why did she feel upset when the one called Suyra died? This feeling was sadness. Just thinking about him made her heart jump with joy and beat twice as fast.

Suyra awoke in his bed on the sun. Confused on what happened but then he remembered. He went to go talk to the mystery goddess who made his heart yearn for him, he saw her dance, she saw him and then Zeus… He died. His heart felt empty and broken. All he wanted was to talk to her and now Zeus has punished him. Soon he noticed something from the corner of his eye, it was small and yet shining bright. He turned to see it was a star floating there as if it was waiting for him. Just when he reached out for it the star backed away. He tried again but the star got further away until he chased it back to the moon.

Once he finally caught it, it disappeared in his hand. But he didn’t seem to realize where he was until it was gone. He was back on the moon. When did this happen? Then he saw her slowly walking up to him. He couldn’t help but have his heart yearning for a touch of her smooth pale skin. He couldn’t stop but stare into her eyes and his voice get caught in his throat. Not wanting to scare her away he took a step back, and then another before turning around until a dainty hand held on to his arm. He looked over his shoulder to see her upset. This made him face her. They did not exchange words for she came closer and embraced him.

He stood there shock of not knowing what to do a for a moment. What felt like centuries he snapped out of it and slowly wrapped his arms around slender frame. Still they said not a word. What needed to be said was through their actions. Suyra placed a kiss on her head causing her to hold onto him tighter. Neither one of them wanted to let go, and they were okay with it. They felt complete. The silence was broken with the sound of a yawn coming from her, Suyra let go to take a good look at her. He kneeled in front of her and told her who he was and apologized for the misunderstanding.

He never meant to scare her or harm her. He only wanted to know her, to hold her in his arms. Then it hits him. What he was feeling this entire time. He was in love with her! He was scared because he never felt this feeling before. It was new to him and he didn’t know how she would feel for him. He felt a hand on his shoulder and a quiet voice telling him to get up. As he stood she bowed her head in shame and apologized to him. She didn’t mean to have Zeus punish him, she was not used to males coming to her to speak of her beauty that she possessed. She believed he was there to hurt her. Suyra slowly shook his head. For someone like her not to believe that he was awe by her beauty and wanted to know her took him by surprise.

She told him what Zeus did, when it’s her turn to bring the night to the humans he dies and comes back alive back on the sun, awake when she falls to sleep. A lone tear escapes her eye as she apologizes again, blaming herself for not stopping to talk to him. His response was in the form of a question. He simply asked her for her name. She replied. It was Celine. Her name was Celine. Just saying her name on his tongue brought chills to his body. With a kiss on her forehead he held Celine in his arms and told her that he would willingly die just for her to shine bright at night. She said nothing but held onto her cursed lover. Celine only blamed herself for his position but he would only shower her with kisses to make her stop.

Now when his time is almost up, Suyra would travel to the moon where he would kiss her forehead and lay beside her as he gazes upon her sleeping face before closing his eyes and die as his body glows and brings him back to the sun. As for Celine, she would create a special yellow star that would shine brighter than the others and send it to the dark sky in remembrance of her cursed lover as tears fall from her eyes every night.