Life Update

Hey guys! As we reach into the new school year I thought it would be weird to wake up and not worry about it, at least for a semester. Well, that’s not going to happen. I didn’t want to tell you guys until it was official but I’ve decided to go for my Masters this year.

After a lot of debating within myself and viewing my options, I thought it would be best to go back for my Masters. I’m nervous to go back and yet I’m curious to see how things will go. However, this won’t change anything from updating you guys to what’s happening with my life and the books coming out.

I got a letter from the school telling me I got accepted into their Master’s program and I honestly jumped with joy. My writing partner in crime was thrilled about my acceptance and we’re planning on going out to eat as a celebration. But yeah, I’m excited also nervous but I know this will be interesting. Just as a reminder when it hits September we are going to change things around. Mondays will be poems (decided to take a break from quotes), Wednesdays are blog post and Friday short stories. Debating whether or not if we should continue posting poems on Saturday as well.

What do you guys think? Should we keep posting poems on Saturday when September comes? Let us know in the comments.