Friday story

Story concepts, Witch Time (tentative name)
single character, human female. Modern day setting 2013, New England
Death clock (actual name tentative), appears on back of hand format hr:mn:sc when there is at least 99:99:99 left on yourself.
On anyone else, it’ll only be readable within a 24 hour range, 24:00:00 will be the starting count down. Using ability to avoid own deaths, includes friends
Initially works alone, gains friends over time potential lover is an older male, pansexual. Essentially a man who has broken his clock and has lived long enough that his only interest is to watch clock bearers die and how they will die.
spiritual entities do exist. Interact occasionally. 
After life doesn’t exist but a cycle of reincarnation exists for spirits who have accepted death, loose souls exist for those who refuse to move on. 
Malicious intent spirits will live as ghosts or demons that commit haunting acts, not necessarily violent nor with the intention of killing others. Devils are malicious spirits with killing intent.
Pure spirits will change to ghosts or angels who had died with the sole intention of helping others. Angels are extreme devout ghosts, usually nuns, priests, or anything of that nature. Initially breaking the clock sets the timer to 00:00:00 counting upwards. It will continue to count even if it reaches 99:99:99. The timer will only stop of the individual decides to accept death. Until then, they will remain immortal to natural causes of death.
A literal watch will be invented to monitor this clock for individuals who lack psychic energy. She will have the ability of precognition in a dream state and the ability to channel psychic energy. She is pacifistic so others like her will most likely fight violently but she refuses. First goal is to pacify and ease any spirit as well as break death clocks.