Wednesday Blog

Hey Sernaro here and here we are again. So I wanted to touch on something that I had in my backlog of works that I’ve been meaning to get to but just hadn’t gotten to in many years. So back then I had written a number of stories based on what I had dreamt, this story in particular was the very first I put into concept but decided to shelve seeing the inspiration came from games likes the Zero Escape series and heavily taken from shounen anime and manga with a female lead. I do plan on releasing the very original concept as Friday’s story so look forward to that but for now I will break it down as best as I can here to make the text in the story easier to decipher.

So the basic premise of the story follows the life of a female college student whose life long dream was to finally transition into the mature woman she always idolized as a younger girl. Life seems normal at first but it comes to light that the world she knew hid a secret, there are people out there with psychic abilities and they are out to kill people. It’s not obvious at first but she eventually learns everyone is born with a death counter visible through a form of psychic aura reading in a hr:man:sc format. Once the counter reaches zero the person dies.

There are those who can defy their fate and fight to extend their death clock by doing good deeds and generally improving their health over all. She doesn’t learn about this yet but she gets acquainted with a male psychic (a rarity as most ability holders are female and a potential love interest) who warns her about her imminent death approaching. The purpose is later revealed that he had done so in a random interest in her. She takes the warning seriously but is soon hunted Dow by another Ability Holder and it turns out it is possible to extend your own timer by taking away someone else’s time.

She has benign powers but is able to use her ability to hold off the assault but not until she gets stabbed. Turns out her counter had already counted zero a little while back and is potentially immortal. The assailant leaves with several years left on her clock leaving our protagonist baffled and confused.

The story is to continue forward with brief appearances of the mysteries acquaintance, she’s learned to prevent the the counter to fall zero and reset at a different time for others, and she discovers there are ways to break death counters but only by use of the abilities they are given and only by the use of another users ability to do so. The story is left open ended from here to act as another type of story that could be serialized for a time into serval stories following our protagonist and everyone that surrounds her.

While the concept is polished given that I had originally written it in 2013 and I had several years to think it over and organize it. I may revisit this concept again but we’ll have to see as I find that this concept is super messy and isn’t very descriptive. What a difference 3 years makes then when I started writing to the 3 years after that brings us to now. Until next time, Sernaro out.