Preview code name: Winter

“Anyone in here?” Was all he needed to say before being greeted to a whisper of one of the female employees.

“Officer Brown?” Was apparently all she could muster in a shaky voice.

Following the voice, the officer made his way behind the counter to find the woman shaking in her diner’s uniform curled up and shaking in fear. Her hair was positioned into a side braid hanging down her left side with blood spilt all over her in blotches streaming down her head. It was apparent she had been injured at her right leg by her calf. The cut didn’t seem deep but it was large enough that too much strain could open it up further. She took a gulp before looking up at the officer so he could see the strain in her eyes as if trying to hold back tears knowing too much noise would attract unwanted attention. She reached for the man’s sleeve letting him know to bend down so she could whisper in his ear. Just as he did, she cupped her hands around his ear and whispered.