Faded – Poem

Hi guys! Hope you are enjoying your Saturday. Okay so for this poem it’s an interesting one. Not gonna lie, it was an experience for me. One that I will never do again but yeah. Little back story on this it was describing my first time being cross faded from edibles and liquor. If you notice repetition I was writing while i was experiencing it. I’m not going into details, wasn’t thinking at the moment…. Anyways, here’s a new poem!

Such a strange feeling

I feel light, feel slight confused

And to you, I’m writing too

The feeling

The hearing is more intense

Vision blurs for a bit before focusing

My mind is in a weird state

The muscles in my body is so relaxed it feels like i’m barely holding the pen.

My tastebuds are bland

I can feel acid burning

My mind is half there and half gone

My face is fuzzy


Have to remember to breathe

In, out, in, out

Half way weird feeling

Can hear her talking

Everything is funny

writing feels weird

Mind is 50% gone

Tongue feel very numb

The other half is sorry me to write

Feel slow, fading in & out

Tongue sliding through teeth

Gone. Gone


Half in, half out