Beware of the Three

Beware of the three

Two of the same and one different

Though they are cute and lovable, they are troublesome.

One male with his orange, short hair, light brown skin

Hazel eyes

Named after a glove that keeps the hands warm

At first he ignored them, did whatever he wanted without care

Not anymore

Any sign of affection and he becomes lovesick.

All he wants is what you give and he will not leave you alone.

One, a female

Soft, silk white skin, with black and brown hair

Green eyes

Named after one of the hardest gems of the earth

Once a girl, slim and precise

Now a woman, thick yet remains precise in movement

She may be the oldest and the moment she sees you

A glare she will give

However, the slightest motion, she can be easily startled

The youngest of the three

Rebel, doesn’t like to follow the rules

Another male, soft white skin and gray hair

Green eyes

He lives life to the fullest while the others sleep

Name given by the one who gave him a home

He is something they’ve never seen before

Eats what he finds, stays out all night, and picks fights with others

These are three you need to beware

When you think you’re clear, they’re there

Giving them affection, they will call out to you

Don’t be fool

They will get under your skin