Sneak Peek – Silent Rage

Hello everyone. Happy Friday! Here is another sneak peek of the new upcoming novel coming in October, Silent Rage. Enjoy!

This place…the screams… the pain… the silence…

 I can still remember when I first came here. I was afraid, weak and I let them do anything to me.

Reminiscing about that day makes my body ache from me looking black and blue with red all over. It’s all because of him. He’s the reason the why I’m here, the reason I will never be free. I ask myself within every passing second that goes by how could this happen? What did I do to endure this? It didn’t make sense. Then again, it doesn’t have to make sense it’s about insanity.

I’ve been here for days, weeks, months… I don’t know.

All I know is my routine. Wake up to the immense pain in my body or to the screams that echoes the halls, being taken away to be experimented on for hours, feel my muscles ache and tear, bones bend and break, blood boils, and heart pumps to a point where it seems to stop or it knocks me out and repeat the next day. I don’t know how much longer I can manage. To live somewhere where no one above can hear you scream. It’s fucking unbearable.