Wednesday blog- When Life Gives you Lemons

Hey, Sernaro here. So this week in my arbitrary list of topics to cover is one we can all relate to. Have you ever had that day when everything just goes wrong and it’s not really your fault per se but the fault of everything out of your control? Yeah, we’ve all been there but what if I tell you that you can change that? No, this isn’t some secret mumbo jumbo where you somehow ####ing will the world to somehow go your way like a certain book would have you believe. What if I tell you that the things that are happening are just the world’s way of sending a message for whatever reason? Whether it’s karma or a sign for things to come, maybe it’s time to pay attention to the little things in life.

Remember that time you stole a cookie from the cookie jar or worse, you pushed your friend down the slide when they least expected it cause you thought it would be funny? Perhaps not but unless you’ve lived in a cave with minimal interaction with literally anything, you’ve probably done something bad or seemingly harmless just to get a good laugh out of people. Well now you gotta pay cause this world works in a give-take system and now something has to happen to you. But maybe sometimes things don’t happen cause you did something but sometimes for some reason we live in some fairy tale novel where (gasp) the smallest thing happened that’ll foreshadow something that’ll happen down the line and you only catch it in hindsight. Makes no sense, I know but if we’re the main character of our stories than somebody’s gotta write it.

Well lets be honest, those small things that make us think the world just hates us could just be the little things like maybe someone moved the coffee table in the living room just slightly so you accidentally stub your toe or maybe you went out for a jog and suddenly it started down pouring when the forecast predicted clear skies. Not always your fault and it’s not karma at play (or is it?).

Maybe it is a sign from the world or better yet, you just need to learn to calm down and smell the roses. Some of these things aren’t in our control but we can avoid it if we just stopped moving so fast and just remember that the world will keep turning even if you slow down so why rush?

So last thing on my mind, what do you do on those days the world is against you? Well two things actually, you could change how you perceive the situation like how I mentioned above that sometimes I like to pretend we are subject to the laws of fiction novels where someone out there pens little clues as to what happens next or you could treat it as obstacles you can take advantage of. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.

Simply, stop a moment and think how you could take advantage of the situation for example, lets tare the scenario of raining when you’re out to jog. Well perhaps you didn’t pack an umbrella or you can’t take the opportunity to try your new windbreaker but you can go back to your car and since you’re out of the house you might as well go get the groceries or maybe you like the rain and you use it as a way to cool yourself down as you jog so that you don’t feel as sweaty cause you’re soaked anyways.