Okay, you failed and…

Hey guys. Happy Thursday! Sorry for not posting this yesterday but I’m here to talk about something that we all can relate to. And that’s what to do when you fail.

Through our life, we can recall a time when we failed. It could something such as a driving test, getting a job or pitching an idea to investors. Let’s be real, failure sucks. When you feel confident in yourself and the results are not what you expect, it can bring you down.

But guess what… It’s the past.

You failed, okay and… The real question is what’s next? Would you give up and sulk about it? Or would you learn from it and push forward? Which one sounds better?

If you have a dream that you want to become a reality, would you let failure stop you from reaching your dream? Of course not. If you research billionaires, each of them has gone through failures. However, those failures didn’t stop them from growing and wanting the best for them.

An important key factor to take away from this is to keep going. If you have an idea but you keep getting rejected by it, don’t give up, learn from it and grow. When you have that mentality anything is possible.

No matter what people say, if you’re serious about what you want to do and are willing to put your all, then go for it.

Do it. Or in Shia’s words…

The only person who can stop you from reaching your dreams or goals is you. Challenge yourself by stepping out of your comfort zone. Take the risk. Step into a world of hard work and greatness. If you need the motivation during this journey, read some motivational quotes, book or even listen to a podcast to get the self esteem up.

We all go through failure at least once in our life but remember it’s the past and we have to focus on the present. Keep your head up high and know that life is a learning process. The more we learn, the more we grow.