Story Friday-

“…. so to sum up everything that we have discussed thus far, your next action should be obvious, is that correct?

‘I can’t give up’ is all I tell myself. I worked so hard to get this far. My work is so precious to me, all of it done painstaking by hand before being revised by yours truly. Every word carefully planned in mind typed down on paper. But what am I to do?

“I suppose you are right.”

The words came out quiet as if in defeat. I had planned to launch this book to great success but we were careless. I wanted to keep at it but it was obvious without money then no one would help. Maybe if we had advertised our work out there then we’d be famous. Maybe if we had a professional editor revise the work then we would be able to do more with it but we didn’t.

Is that your final answer?

I look up to see a stern look in my friends eyes. At times it’s most confusing but right now is not those. I know exactly what she wants. She had always thought of the most realistic approach to a situation and earlier we had discussed the possibility of dropping this story which had failed us. If we do it doesn’t mean we don’t get a chance to revisit it, it just means that we work on a different book for now and try to get it done learning from our mistakes. Part of me knows this is likely the best option and I know it’s essentially a huge risk if we spend more time on the book again so I guess our mind is made up. I smile back at her to be rewarded with one.

“Let’s go back to square one.”