Success through writing

Hey guys, Sernaro here and I know I’m late for my scheduled blog post but like try working three 6am morning shifts and after only working closing shifts for the past two months and see how that affects you mentally. Ok back to topic (^.^). So the theme I set for this week had been more about working into success over being successful from the start. As an author, I can definitely relate to this concept as I was never a really good reader let alone a good writer. But how can it affect the overall career of an author based on what we know? Well today we’re gonna look at a few examples of this in Stephen King, H.P. Lovecraft, and Stephanie Meyer.

So Stephen King, a juggernaut in the novelists world having written dozens upon dozens of successful books to the point that he has made a lasting impression in modern media in films, inspirations to music, and even continuing to write many successes but did you know he wasn’t as wide spread after writing his first three novels? It wasn’t until he wrote his fourth novel “Carrie” that he started getting success in almost every book he wrote afterwards. The novel itself was a struggle as he expected the story to fail after penning the first three pages and finding it hard to keep himself inspired to write more.

His wife fished the story out of the trash and convinced him to finish the story with her help, which we know resulted in the conception of his first best selling novel. I believe this is an perfect example of the concept in action as his actions were rewarded after continued perseverance. It took a little push for him to find success after having already written and finding minor success but he found success and continues to do so today.

H. P. Lovecraft is a well known figure as his stories are considered cult classics among modern readers due to his unique gothic style and finding the weird and fearful in the mundane. It’s well known that in life found little success in minor and amateur publications with his stories being posted in it’s most bare state. At this state his view of the world made himself seemed unacceptable and cowardly as his stories would feature ideas of science, aliens, and even evolving technology as evil and his writing while good, never really made the same impact until his friends republished his stories in a collection which have been revised over the years to be much more readable.

That said, while an example of success found later, Lovecraft frequently wrote stories as a way for him to make ends meet and didn’t actually seem to try to find success in his writing in the most practical way of either of an official publication or advertising his works in order to spread his works. I suppose this is another lesson as his own fear of the world may have held him back seeing as his morbid works only found success after other revised his work for him.

Personally, I see Stephanie Meyer as an average writer who found success through writing by chance. After much research, I have learned that it was essentially that, luck. She had written the book under the concept of a dream she had one night and a friend convinced her to have it published through a company. Out of the fifteen she had sent the book out to five never responded, nine rejected the book, and really only one of the publishers agreed to do so with a positive response. This story is what we know now as the the “Twilight” series.

After the series finished, she had found success in another story “The Host” and continues to write stories today. She still has a following though there are a number of readers out there that have essentially blacklisted her name as her writing in the “Twilight” series was very amateur and really only found attention from young female readers due to its story focusing mainly with romance and a small amount of sexual undertones. While I don’t read her latest works, I find that her works are still very interesting and it still does something that is somewhat difficult to do, made people interested in reading.