Quick Update

First and foremost, I’d like to apologize on my behalf as in hindsight I had several options to get this message to you guys sooner and I imagine your disappointment for not being able to view our latest post on the preview for the book on my end. The thunder storm in my area had knocked down my WiFi and I had not been able to do much about it until I had just arrived home from volunteering at the pet show for my work (yes, I got to cuddle with many puppies and it was glorious). So I will be posting the preview tomorrow morning along with our regularly scheduled posts for the week. Again I apologize for not getting to you guys sooner, we know there are a few of you that check out our posts regularly and it is in our expressed interest to continue to follow the schedule we ourselves created.

So in other news, some of you may have noticed that the preview I have posted during my week had been a paragraph preview for WITD chapter 1. I’m not gonna officially announce anything until the whole book is done but lets say the next set of previews will be chapter 1 for a new project that will be announced soon before this summer ends this year. I hope it gets you excited for the future as I am proud to continue working on material our readers will enjoy. Please look forward to it within the coming weeks and be mindful that this coming previews will be drafts for the final print so every and all previews are subject to change.