Sweet Revenge Pt 2

“Naya.” A faded voice calls out to me but I ignore it. Soon I hear it again and again until flashes of images appear of five shadowed figures, blood everywhere and me clawing my way out from the…  

“NAYA!” The voice boomed in the ears causing me to jolt up in cold sweat, gasping for air. A pair of strong hands pulls me in an embrace with a deep voice telling me to breathe. Once I manage my breathing, I rubbed my eyes along with blinking a few times to clear my vision.

“Lee kor ra des ni.” (Everything’s okay.) I could feel the vibration coming from Jindar’s chest as he talks to me. No words came from my mouth and that was fine with him. Minutes later we laid on the bed with my head on his chest.

“Naya.” He said in a low voice.

“How long have I been asleep?” I felt the vibrations again when he hummed.

“A few hours. It’s almost night. How is your strength?”

“It’s coming back to me.”

“Can you get up?”  I nod. We remain in the same position for another five minutes before a rumble sound came from my stomach.

 At that moment I get up and stretch while Jindar placed a pile of clothes of the bed. I look down to realize I’m still in a towel and curse under my breath.

“Once you’re done we shall find substance.” He left the room leaving me alone. Walking over to the bathroom I gaze at myself in the mirror. My skin, flawless of any scars, a smooth rich brown color similar to milk chocolate, shoulder length, wavy black hair and gold eyes. Removing the towel, I notice I have curves in the right places that I didn’t before, my chest was bigger… grew maybe two cup sizes than what I remembered. Two minutes after viewing my body my reflection was replaced with the figure from yesterday.

That’s right. I shouldn’t waste any more time. Heading back to the room I put on the clothes Jindar left me. By the time I was done Jindar leaned against the doorframe with his arms crossed with a smirk on his handsome face.  

“Not bad.”  I was wearing a fitted, long sleeve red V-neck shirt, black pants and black boots. A smirk appears on my face as I walk to the demon.

“Should I ask about the clothes?” Jindar snakes an arm around my waist bringing my closer to him.

“If I give an answer, do I get a treat in return?” I leaned in closer to the point our lips were millimeters away and said, “No.” I got away from his grasp and head out with him following me.

“If you’re planning on coming with me I suggest making yourself human. We don’t want attention now do we?” I told him as we made our way to the entrance. Jindar closed his eyes for a minute then opening them revealing shining emerald green eyes. Although he was wearing the same thing I’m surprised, he smells good. He cleared his throat for a second then test out his speech.

“How’s this?” The evil demonic voice was replaced with a soothing deep voice dipped in pure seduction.

“Better.” I reply. “Let’s go.”