Blog Wednesday – Update

Hey guys, this is Sernaro and we got something good for you. So Taci and I have been talking and we have decided to do another update. Our focus is always to look at quality and see if we can push for it while still offering content on a regular schedule. In order to do so, we have decided on increasing content while reducing the amount of content we post weekly. We also have decided to do so by taking into account the type of content you all enjoy. I hope you’ll take the time to finish reading this blog so that you may understand our way of thinking as well as what we expect to see for the future of the blog.

First and foremost, we decided to focus mostly on the quality of our content. When we first started the blog, the two of us had worked hard to prepare a set stories, blogs, etc. The quality of those stories is something we had strived to continue to do as those stories were greater in length and bulk. We apologize as over time our responsibilities had gotten the best of us with other projects (hint hint) and so we decided to continue to give our time back to the blog as even though we continue to do this part of our work free, we want to continue to do so for as long as we can.

Secondly, as our way of putting our emphasis on quality over quantity we decided to reduce the amount of posts of general content. This will start being more apparent during the school year. Again, this is all part of the process in order to produce lengthier more meatier content that seemed to garner more attention than the more recent posts that were meant to be quick reads. For now, we will continue to keep posting at five posts a week and reduce our posts to three during the school year and continue that schedule for a number of months or forever as long as it continues to best for our schedule.

Lastly, the type of content we intend to put our focus will be based solely on the number of views we have seen in the past. We will continue to post stories as this is the foundation of our blog, we are writers and various ideas can’t be made into parts of the projects therefore the best place for them is in these stories. Blog posts about updates, writer’s life, and guides will continue to be made, rants will be made at a minimum. Quotes will continue to be made until late summer. Sneak peaks will be made available to be read instead quotes for the story, this will consist of a paragraph or section that will end this summer by only putting out a chapter or so of our works and will be removed after the summer until a new work will be in production. Poems will be made a permanent type of posts that we will continue to do as its popularity for poetry month was seen.

I hope you will all continue to follow us through this transitional phase of this change. You may have already noticed but we have already kickstarted this change by adjusting the posting schedule. The schedule for the mean time will start with Sundays having sneak peaks, Mondays posting quotes, Wednesdays posting blog posts, Friday posting stories, and Saturdays posting poems. Later in the summer we will finalize this change by changing the schedule to Mondays posting poems, Wednesdays posting blog posts, and Fridays posting stories. Thank you for your time, Sernaro signing off.