Sweet Revenge Pt 1

The sky cried as I walk on the cold, wet concrete road. With my bare feet hitting the road softly, cool air enters my burning lungs and my mind not even caring I was surrounded in pitch black.

After what felt like an eternity walking on the prolonged road, the night ceases its tears and the gold rays of the sun begin to rise as I arrive at a town. The frigid air did not have an effect on my body. Neither did it have on my feet while I continue to wander into the area until my eyes picked up something. I turn to see my reflection upon a glass window of a store.

I was completely covered in dirt from head to toe, the rainwater didn’t wash off the dirt but instead caked it into mud. The big t-shirt I wore had some ripped holes around the chest and stomach. My hair was clumped with mud and leaves and a mixture of red and brown around the dashes. A few minutes later of examining my condition my reflection was replaced with a man who was a foot taller than me. Sickly pale skin, scruffy black hair and no pupils glaring down at me. We had a stare off for a minute before I continue to search for my destination.

Minutes later I stumble across a motel. Opening the door, the ring of a bell gives a twitch in one of my eyes. A guy with freckled skin, orange hair, and green eyes paid no attention to me as I approached the front desk. He was good looking, tone but a built body. Scanning the desk I reached for the pen and touched the tip, still the man did nothing and remain to ignore me. He was too busy looking at a magazine. My focus went to the keys hanging on a wall behind the man. My head change direction to the small bell sitting next to me.

Ding Ding

The man’s body tense for a moment and resumed what he was doing so I did the same to ring it until I got his attention. With every ding a part of his body gave a twitch.

Ding… twitch… Ding…. twitch… Ding

“Can you stop with the fucking bell?” He yelled putting his hand over my hand on the bell. I said nothing as he yanked the bell from me, sat back down and turned his back to face me. Placing the pen down I jumped on the desk not making a sound and leaned over him. I set one hand on his chin and the back of his head before snapping his neck, killing him instantly. His body fell to the ground while I hopped off the desk. Seconds later he got up. His neck went back in place, his eyes closed but he was examining his body.

“Bur di esk glot nuk?” (Who dares summons me?) A deep, baritone demonic voice said.

Hello Jindar.” The figure turned to me and opened his eyes revealing no pupils. He chuckles, “Naya. To what do I owe the pleasure of you freeing me?” He examines me up and down.     

“The man was not worth my time. Hand me a key I’m tired.” I said pointing to the keys hanging against the wall. He did what he was told before my legs gave out and him bridle carries me. We depart to an empty room where he laid me on the bed, went to the bathroom to retrieve a small wet cloth and begins to scrub the mud off my face.

“Ne shi dum or.” (speak your mind) I told him. He was too quiet for my taste it was clear something was on his mind. “You know as well do I what happened. What are your plans to take care of it?”  He asks just when he finished cleaning my face.

“You actually care about me? I’m flattered.” Jindar took off to the bathroom again. The sound of running water… I don’t remember the last time I heard or felt it. Jindar returns to pick me up again and heads to the bathroom. After putting me down on the toilet he takes off his clothes, all bare and stood there waiting for me.

“Perv.” I said. He crossed his arms against his chest and said, “You’re weak. After this you must rest in order to gain your strength.”

“And you need to be here because?” I crossed my arms staring right at him.

“You used all of your energy to get here. Tell me, can you get up right now?” I could only sigh knowing what he said was true. My muscles are screaming I can try to get up but if I do I’ll end up kissing the floor. The noise of him clearing his throat broke me from my reverie and soon removing the clothes.

Once they were gone he lifts me, puts us in the tub of hot water and apply some soap in his hand before starting with my hair. Immediately entering in the water I couldn’t see my reflection as it turns into a repulsive brown color. I said nothing while he was getting me clean. By the time he finally got my hair free from muck Jindar moves in closer.

“Ne shi dum or.” I hear him say. I chuckle, he can read me when my back is turned to him? Typical.

“What are your plans after this?”  

“What makes you think I have plans?”

“I don’t think. I know.” I turn around to see a smirk on his face. “It’s been decades since my last meal. Might as well go enjoy myself.” I raise an eyebrow at him.

“Is that so?” He takes my right arm and continues to get the dirt off. Not before staring straight at me.

“However, keep in mind… no matter where you go, what you do…  I am bound to you.” He kissed my hand before finishing the job. Minutes later I was clean but the bathroom was a mess. Jindar left the room to search for clothes as for me I went under the covers with only a towel. A time like this I don’t give a fuck if I have clothes on or not, all I want to do is sleep. The second my head made contact with the pillow I entered dreamland.