Blog Tuesday

Hey everyone, Sernaro here and I have a short one here but here goes. We’ve been preparing to just do a light reedit of WITD but it has come to our attention that we wanna do more for it. We’re planning on working up the ebook version we have up, adding in the details of the world we created that we didn’t add, and try to get a complete reprint of the book.

I know this pretty much comes from left base seeing how we already had it out and wanted to try to save money but we really debated on the best possible outcome and how to get there. Seeing how Taci will be graduating (congrats to her!) she’ll have much more time until she goes back for her graduate program. We decided to take advantage of this time by doing it over trying to make this a book we know people want to read. Once again, this is Sernaro and thank you for keeping up with our blog.