Another Day

Here we go again. A brand new day. I run to my owner’s bed and jump on it waking him up.

“Alright, alright. I’m awake.” He chuckled. I get off the same time he does. Times like this never got old. I wake him up, he gives me my breakfast while he gets ready for the day and the best part is I get to ride with him to work.

Work is the same. We work at a place he calls a train station and we walk around as I sniff around the place.

There are days when we catch people carrying weird things in their bags, but times like this it was a calm day.

Nothing exciting was going on. With time passing by I was getting tired. My owner leaned against the wall with his arms crossed I sat next him watching people walk by.

When can we go home? I nudged him with my head. He looks at me before petting my short, black fur.

“I know. Slow day.” We stayed in our spots for who knows when. At this point, I let out a yawn and laid on the ground. People walked by and they didn’t have anything on them.

One of his friends came by and started talking to him but I stayed on the floor.

A small kid walked by me and waved as others looked at me in awe. I was so close to falling asleep until I felt a slight pull on my collar. I looked up to see him telling me to let’s go. Jumping to my paws, we did our walk through again before heading home. We both had dinner. More like him giving me more of his meat.