Feeling Cluttered

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is doing well and your day is going awesome. Quick note I do apologize for not posting yesterday. Something’s been going with me and it’s a topic I want to talk about.

Besides being positive, for the past few weeks, I’ve been having trouble getting my mind right. What I mean by that is my mind is cluttered with things to the point I can’t seem to focus on anything. Which is bad when it comes to homework. Also, providing you guys something to read and hear what’s going on in our lives. I don’t know if it’s because I’m graduating next month or the fact I’m about to enter the real world, what I do know is this is not where I mentally want to be.

Being cluttered mentally sucks! You can’t seem to get anything done, then the list gets bigger and if you mix procrastination, it’s a disaster.

It’s one of those curveballs life throws at you and it can affect everyone differently. It’s a challenge I’m trying to tackle each day, and I admit taking a deep breath or meditating flies out my mind. It did send me into a bit of depression for a while but I’m changing it.

I wrote down what’s been on my mind. Made a list of what needed to be done and each day I encourage myself to do some of the things of the list. It’s a work in progress however, there are times when my mind is still cluttered and it’s frustrating. Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter, knowing myself I’m going to handle what needs to be done.

This feeling won’t be forever. Every day I can sense a part of me feel accomplished if I do just one task off my list. Soon I’ll get out of the rut and continue on in my journey.