Writers influence

Hey everyone, Sernaro here and I wanted to talk about my influences for my writing. There is a lot that has happened over time but I’d say there have been three authors that have generally molded my writing to what it is today.

First, is Edgar Allen Poe. I wasn’t much of a reader back then but then I read one of this man’s works in a collection in the middle school library and I was hooked. The story that caught my interest was called the Black Cat and much like his other works, features an insane protagonist telling the reader the moments that slowly brought him down to the situation of the story’s conclusion. It was dark, mundane, and yet vague. The story was allowed to jump around to a different point in his life to keep the tense flow of the story going and it made me want to follow with it, I couldn’t put the book down. The story is about a man growing older as his temper around his family grows violent to the point that he does a heinous act to the family cat. It all goes down here from there and soon the reader questions the sanity of the narrator for doing what he does and the aftermath that follows it.

The second author to inspire me is Tehereh Mafi. Her “Shatter Me” series is kind of a guilty pleasure for me as I was recommended to read it by a friend I met in high school during a low point of my early college life. The story was very slow and painstaking at first but eventually by the third book became erratic as details arose to compliment what was already established. Juliette is our protagonist and we follow her journey from a cowardly girl too scared to make friends with anyone for fear of the power she possesses may harm them to the confident, powerful woman who finally had her life in her control. The series has recently continued following the third book with a new trilogy set shortly after the first three books as we come to find our protagonist may not be who she seems and she too is discovering that for herself.

The latest author to influence my writing is Amber Argyle. I was never one to read for long periods of time, this woman changed that. I first discovered her out of boredom one day searching for a free ebook to read that would at least entertain me. That was when I came across the Witch Song series and I’ve fallen in love with it since. The story follows a naive young girl as she tries to live her day to day life only to find that her mother had been hiding a family secret for most of her life and learns to live with this secret and meld it into the strongest tool to save humanity and her people. The story has a conclusive ending by the second book but features a third book in the perspective of a young witch from a century ago and her desperate struggle to make things right.