The Hanged Man’s Curse

It’s been said, in Virginia lies a small ghost town. Truth be told, the town was full of life, visitors would come and enjoy themselves but when night came no one was to step foot outside until dawn. No matter what they heard, they must not listen to the lies that went on outside. To the travelers, they did not understand. But locals warned them to beware.

When night arised, they would hear something.

For everyone it was different. To the travelers, it was either a festival going on outside or someone crying for help. To the locals, on the other hand, whispers luring them out.

The rule was simple.

Yet there were many that didn’t heed the warning. The moment one step foot outside they were never to been seen throughout the night. Not a word, call or scream. When dawn arrived, the ones gone for the night would come back changed. A marking was placed on their bodies. A marking of unknow symbols.

When asked about their well being they would all say the same thing, “I went out outside then passed out. Don’t remember anything.”

Before the travelers would leave, locals warned them about those who have been marked. Mainly, they will change. Once touched by the marking, they will slowly become insane and the blood shed will begin.

The only way to prevent it… death. The body must be burned to save them they from the horror they would face.

But of course they didn’t listen and went on their way. As time went on they noticed change in their friends, families and others who were marked. Each all the same.

The first night, they would stand outside staring up at the night sky until dawn.

The second night, an interest of harming anything that breathes. They talk to themselves and claim they are talking to someone by the name of “Demetris”.

The third night, they would bring harm to themselves.

Fourth night, a change in their appearance. Bloodshot eyes, and ailing skin.

Fifth night, the taste of raw animal meat.

Sixth night, the killings begin.

By the seventh night, they were human no more. They were something unknown. A creature, monster.

In the end, each ones fate went the same.

There was bloodshed and those marked were burned.

When travelers returned to the town, they were in shock.

The town was found abandoned.

Not a man, woman, child or soul in sight. As they return home, they’re frazzled, scared and demanded answers.

Each time they questioned about the town the results were the same. No one has heard of the town. If they did, no one has ever lived there for hundreds of years. The only answer they found was the town was forever cursed by a hanged man who spoke in the 18th century.