Nightmare – Poem

Hey guys! Hope you’re day is going great. A short announcement. In celebration of National Poetry Month, every Wednesday and Saturday through the month of April we will post a poem!

So to start it off here’s a poem for you guys called, Nightmares. Since I was talking about them yesterday why not show you one of the poems I’ve written. This is a recent one I wrote. Hope you like it.


If to be

So I see

They only get stronger

They claw at the door that holds them in

Despite their efforts, the door is to remain sealed

However, there are times I let my guard slip and as a result, they are free

Wreak havoc until I locked them away again

There’s no stopping them

Sometimes they win

Other times they lose

All I know is

They will not rest

They bang at the door

So I see

They will wait for right time to escape

As they get stronger

So will I