Bloodlust 1. Short read

Blood. Ever since I saw my first drop, I’ve felt so enticed by it. It’s luster, that shine. My heart skipped at the thoughts that ran through my head. I wanted to see more of it. Yet there would be consequences…

I find myself pondering the worth of a desire knowing full well at the lack of a real answer. It wasn’t til the day “he” showed up that I felt that desire flare. His godawful questions, that sadistic fucking smile, that freaking lazy posture. Everything he did piss me off to no end.

I can see where you think this is going but it would surprise you. I held back for ages, biting my tongue on the off chance karma would fall in my favor and it has. But I suppose that the story will be for another day. I got what I wanted, after all, I should enjoy the moment as I see fit.