Blog Tuesday

Welcome back to another blog post with Sernaro. Alot is happening at once and I wanted all your opinions on things so some of you gotta leave a comment!

So as you are all aware, we have published our very first ebook to moderate success for a first publish. Like not mildly successful but not pitifully bad at all. We have learned from this and have decided to go over the book, nitpick any issues, and attempt to market to an audience through a platform. My question for you guys is what platform would you guys be interested in seeing our book first advertised in? We have made an instagram account since then but I wanted to know what you guys use to successfully reach you all.

So Taci and I have been discussing the idea of setting up a donation box vs selling merchandise on a store website. The advantages of a donation may be that we get your donations that we can use to more quickly get a print copy of our book out even if for a limited time and we would be able to compensate our donations with a gift as it becomes available seeing as our current resources are minimal.

However, the one we were most interested in doing is a small store exclusive to this blog where we can sell our branded merchandise for a fair price (shipping is added to the price tag). We’ve felt this is an ambitious project seeing that it could cost us up to $400 just to set everything up but if we make more money through these transactions then surely we can fully support a print of our book, future projects, and for goodies for you guys. So again, donation box or merchandise store?

Lastly, what have you guys been enjoying of our blog? I know content is fairly minimal but we make our best attempt to being consistent with our schedules so that you the reader have something to see, in my case 4 days a week by 12pm eastern time. Taci and I have discussed the idea of adding more content, particularly on our days we have nothing planned being Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. Let us know if you think this is a good idea or not and if so, what kind of content you’d be interested in reading from us.

So thats it from me. I hope atleast some of you fill out a quick survey for us so we know where to go from here and what would be in the interest of our audience. Til then, Sernaro signing off.