The Telephone Part 1

Here you guys go! Another short story. So quick note, I’m breaking this into parts. I don’t know how many but here is part 1. I hope you guys enjoy.

The sun shined, emitting its warm rays in the baby blue skies with mindless, fluffy white clouds passing by. A day like this would assume it was a good day, however, it was more of a day of recovering.

“You’re all set, Jen.” A man with great muscles, sun-kissed skin, fair brown hair, hazel eyes, and a pearl white smile told the woman.

“Thanks Gary.” She finished putting a photo on the shelf in the living room.

“Anything else I could do for you?” The woman shook her head. He walked over to her and gave her a comforting hug.

“How are you holding up?” A sign escape her lips.

“I’ll be okay. Still can’t believe she’s gone.” Gary release her and gently placed a hand on her shoulder.

“Your grandmother was the sweetest person I’ve ever met. No one saw it coming. She was always eating right and exercising.” Jen shrugged.

“Well on the bright side you’re here and you get a house. More like her house.” She scoffed before fixing her auburn hair into a messy bun on top of her head.

“Didn’t expect her to give me the house.”

“I guess when she heard about your living arrangements with Lola, she wanted to make things easy for you. I mean the house is paid off so that’s one thing you don’t have to worry about.” Jen laughed as the two moved to the couch.

“True. Staying in that tiny apartment made me feel claustrophobic.”

“Plus you finished selling off most of her things and replaced it with your stuff. Think of this of new beginnings.” He did have a point, the day Jen discovered the house was hers was the day she got a new, well paying job.

“Yeah, you’re right. Thanks, Gary.” He smiled, “Anytime.” He turned around to spot a box behind them. He got up, head to the box and opened it revealing a telephone.

“What do you want to do with this?” Jen raised an eyebrow in confusion.

“What is it?” She asked. He picked it up to show it was an antique telephone with the color of tarnish gold.

“I’m surprised she had something like this. Let me see.” Jen heads to Gary to hold the phone and observe it. The phone was in good condition besides the small amount of dust.

“You thinking about selling it?” Jen stares at the phone, ignoring Gary when soft whispers enter her ears.

“…en. Jen? Jen!” She snaps out of her reverie to look at her best friend. A small amount of concern appeared on his face.

“You okay?” She shakes her and waves it off.

“Yeah, yeah. I’m good. I’m going to keep it. At least this to remind me of her, other than the photos.” Gary, still unsure, looks at the telephone then back at his friend.

“Do you remember her having that?” Thinking for a moment Jen didn’t remember a time she noticed this phone whenever she came to visit her grandmother. Except for that one time… Could it be the same one?

“I’m not sure. But I remember one night when I was eight I couldn’t sleep so grandma and I decided to watch a movie. She fell asleep halfway through. Me, on the other hand, was wide awake. Then I heard something. A phone ringing. I didn’t think it was a big deal to wake her so I followed the sound upstairs to a room. It was a guest room and I remember seeing a phone like this ringing. Before I could answer it, grandma was calling me and then it stopped. But since then I haven’t seen or heard from it.”

“I think you should either keep it in the attic or give it away.” Jen shakes her head.

“I’m not throwing it away. Grandma said she used the phone to talk to people all the time. It could be a souvenir. It’ll stay in her room and that’s it.” With the sigh, Gary knew there was no way to convince her otherwise.