Blog 3/12

Hey Sernaro here again, what’s something you take for granted? Maybe this is a heavy topic for you or perhaps you’ve never really had a chance to think about it. Either way, this would be a nice topic to explore as someone who always somehow has a front that I seem to always have everything together.

As an author, you would think that I’m creative and artistic, mayhap someone who has the time to take a step back to smell the roses. Maybe you’re right. I mean, I just graduated college a little over two months ago, my only other concern should be my job, and I can normally plan around two free days a week with about five or so hours in between shifts and sleep. Yet I still take extra hours at work, my schedule usually gets eaten up before I even get a chance to break it down for the day, and I still want to use some of that time to do some hobbies.

As a writer I feel like I’ll regret not being able to properly use this time wisely to write but I still need time for myself. It doesn’t make me miserable or anything but it just makes me feel like I have to shelve things over for another day and that isn’t exactly pleasing. Is it normal to want to be selfish? Will I regret waiting too long to do anything else in my life just because I’m obliged to do go down an ever growing list? Will the days pass by me before I have a chance to finish everything I want to do?

Just some thoughts that I wanted to share with everyone. I’ve been told I have pretty bad time management skills but I don’t think its not quite that but more that I have a hard time acting on the plans when I have to expect it to change somehow. Sernaro signing off.