Another 5 writing tips I’ve discovered.

For those who’s read the ‘5 things I learned when writing a story’, this is a part 2. Something was telling me it was not over and honestly, I believe it. So without further ado let’s dive right into it.

Write before type

Call me old school but this method has been this way ever since I was a kid. I’m at my best when I’m writing in a notebook than typing on the computer. Growing up I would always have a notebook or a piece of paper around with a pen and I would write for hours. Especially during study hall at school and late at night.

With music playing through my headphones and there are no distractions I can outline a story, come up with the characters, and draft some chapters when I’m focused. However, it’s different when I type on the computer. Point being, I get distracted easily and it leads to procrastination which is annoying.

Learn more about writing

If you research anything about writing, you will see many great writers might mention this one important key. It’s important to continue to learn about the world of writing. Mainly learn more by reading a book. It could be in a genre you enjoy. Read another person’s work and see what’s their writing skills. Learn how to describe one’s emotions, actions even body language. You can use what you learned and apply it to your work.

I thought it wouldn’t work and I didn’t think much of it. However, I  knew if I wanted to improve on my writing I had to do this. Best decision I ever did. You can ask Senaro. When I showed her my first story I published years ago, I knew she wanted to kill me. I still laugh at the face she made when she read the first chapter. It’s different today. She constantly tells me that my writing improved because of this.

Meditation helps

I find this crucial. When I want to write but I’m stressed or my mind is cluttered, I meditate. Take about 5 mins in silence, focus on deep breathing, and clear everything from your head. By doing this, it can improve your thinking process and you feel at peace with yourself.

You don’t have to sit, legs crossed and eyes closed. Stray away from society, go for a walk, focus on your deep breathing and release everything flooding your mind. I’m not some master guru on this but this will open your eyes to new ideas and a calmer self. Give it a try.

Try Grammarly

That sums up what I’m saying. Before Grammarly, I did a lot of errors, mainly spelling, and some punctuation. Now I recommend it to anyone. An awesome bonus is that it’s free. Yes free. Easy download and it’s an awesome software to have. I’m not sponsored by them I’m speaking from my own experience. You might have some other software, or you weren’t thinking about getting it and that’s cool. All I’m saying is, it can help you when you’re typing.

No matter what others say, do what you love

Okay, so I’m going to let you in a secret. Before I discovered my love of writing I had a deep passion for acting and singing. Whenever I wanted to audition for shows or tv, my parents thought it was pointless and didn’t believe in me. Even though my through my siblings (2 brothers and 3 sisters) they didn’t believe in me.

And every time when I had a new idea that I wanted to do I didn’t get the support from them. It’s from what they said that it would be pointless and other negative things I gave up. I gave up on a lot of creative projects and I thought why should I even try.

Fast forward to 2017, I finally decided I was going to break the negative chain and be the one to be supportive. I was tired of others telling me I couldn’t do this and I listened. So I wrote my first book with my writing partner in crime and last year I published it. If you told the seven years old me that I was going to be an author, she would look at you crazy and tell you that’s not possible. That I’m not good enough to be one.

But I’m better. Now whenever my siblings have ideas, they call me for advice. They ask me for my opinion and I give it to them. Most importantly I always tell them whatever they do I will support them. To be raised with everyone bringing you down, you need to be the one who will support them no matter what.

Bottom line if you want to be a writer, an author, a screenwriter then do it. When no one doesn’t believe in you just know I do. Like I mention in my other blog post, don’t listen to the ones who don’t believe in you. Remember I got your back and I will support you all the way.