Blog 2/26

Hey guys, Sernaro here. Normally I’d have something planned out to talk to you all about, discuss that more in depth, and split it into as many paragraphs as I see fit. Today however? That’s not the case. It’s just one of those days where everything feels nostalgic and bright, just a lazy day where I don’t have to work that hard.

Moments like these are quite rare for me. Like sure I have to go to work at 12:30 to 6 (also quite rare since I never get shifts lower than 8 hours), but I feel like I’m just going to a friends house to help them out for fun. No worries, no expectations, just the slow “my pace” kinda day.

Apologies for such a short blog post but this would be a great time to make myself a coffee and enjoy the lack of urgency for once. Signing off, Sernaro.