WITD – Nadia’s Past

“The victim’s name is Nadia Genevieve; African American, eleven years old, female, born March 19th, 1995.” The briefing officer stated as he stared intently ahead.
“Neighbors made a call to 911 at 2:17 in the morning when they heard a scream at Genevieve’s Home. By the time police arrived at the scene both parents, Jerimiah and Anaya Genevieve were deceased. From what the officers’ report, the location between their chest and the stomach was hollowed out. The marks suggest they were eaten off, devoured by a feral creature.” The police officer continued to the chief dressed in a black suit with a blue button-down shirt underneath with matching black shoes.
“What about the girl?” The detective asked walking side by side with the latter.
“Here’s the thing… police found the girl in a pool of her parent’s blood with her stomach lacerated. Paramedics pronounced her deceased on the scene.” This made the detective raise an eyebrow before questioning.
“There’s something else isn’t there?” The well-dressed lieutenant figure eyeballed the officer suspiciously.
“We got a phone call from the morgue, said the girl woke up close to 3 am with her wounds healed but scarred. When she was questioned, she just eyed at the body bags. She refused to move away from her parents’ corpses for about 19 minutes. She was then immediately transferred to a hospital soon after. Doctors were baffled on her condition but said she was stable, all things considered.” The detective shook his head trying to absorb all this information in his head.”