The Pros and Cons of being Nocturnal

I’ve always wondered why I would stay awake at night and sleep during the day ever since I was a kid. At first, I thought it was because I would sleep the day away when I didn’t have any school. However, that wasn’t the case. As time moved on it came to me that even if I didn’t sleep during the day, when night came I was wide awake.

My friends would ask why I was so tired and I told them I would be awake the whole night. That’s when they called me nocturnal. Let’s get one thing clear, I was tired all the time so my brain was not functioning properly so I had no clue what the word meant until one day I looked it up.

Could I really be nocturnal? Was I like Catwoman… the feline figure who was always up when the moon is up? It would explain why I had energy when the moon was up. What I’m trying to say is, from years of staying up at night I discovered being nocturnal has its perks as a writer but it also has its downfall.


3 am is crunch time

For a lot of people or in my case college students say when the clock hits a certain time they focus more on their work. Some say 11 at night, another is 1 in the morning. For me whenever the clock hit 3 am my brain would get a boast of adrenaline and I can focus on writing stories.

If you think about it, at 3 am you get an additional boost of writer’s high. I kid you not, it happens all the time. I can’t stop thinking about all the possible stories in my head and I begin to write outlines and summaries of what comes to mind. I know I said writer’s high is the best feeling. It still is especially at night when I can focus better than during the day.

Everyone’s Asleep

In college, everyone is either sleeping, studying or doing something else. Which is great. You don’t get distracted as much because of quiet hours and no one can bother you. Also you won’t likely to recieve any phone calls from family members since they’ll be sleeping so you have the night to yourself to let your creativity flow.

When Night comes, you focus better

I don’t know if anyone ever had the same thing, but during the day if I’m motivated enough I would get my work done in the library then chill for the night. Only if I was motivated or I had a pile of homework to do. Otherwise, I would wait until the night and do what I needed to while the moon is out. There’s no true meaning behind it but since its night your brain would switch from play mode to work mode.

Sets the mood for writing

When you watch a tv show, a movie or read a book which the genre is suspense, thriller or horror mostly you notice one thing in common. There’s always either silence or darkness. And because most horror genre incorporates the night for the monsters to come out to play, writing during the night sets the mood.

There were times I typed away on my computer in my room pitch black and the only light I could see was my screen. Most of the time the brightness of the screen is dim. Sometimes I had headphones on, listening to a certain playlist and other times I only listened to the silence.

Not trying to sound like a creep, or freak you out but the darkness can help set the mood to how your story can be set up. Its extremely helpful especially for my new novel coming in the Fall. Truthfully, it soothing and gives your story a realistic sense of sight and sound.


If you have to wake up early

This is the number one con for being nocturnal. If you have to wake up early in the morning whether it’s because of work, getting kids ready for school or early classes in college this will be a pain. When nocturnal, you stay up all night and the moment the sun begins to rise then bed is calling your name.

It sucks to be up all night then carry on your day with any lack of sleep. You feel like a zombie. Believe me, been there, done that. Not the best thing in the world.

People are awake

Nuff said. Like I said for a lot of people and my friend Sernaro once the sun is up, they’re up. What’s annoying is say you fall asleep around 6 am and your phone is ringing interrupting your sleep. When you check the time you discover you only slept for an hour or two.

And that’s it. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Are you a nocturnal person? Or are you a morning person? Was there anything I’m missing? Let me know!