Letter to Someone

Dear Someone,

Today is Valentine’s Day, isn’t that lovely? Wasn’t it you who said the tradition of exchanging gifts between lovers on only a few specific days stupid? I always wondered what you’d do on days like these but you did have a romantic side to you when you wanted to be.

Today doesn’t really feel that special though. The snow is cold and the wind just makes it feel colder and seeing how everyone around had plans for the day, it felt kinda lonely. I tried to cover it up by eating ice cream but you were right, it wouldn’t really help at all. I was an idiot for trying but I always wanted to prove you wrong if I could.

I wish I knew the next time we could see each other. I can always find the time to see you working so hard and I worry that you may over do it but again, you always find a way to prove my senses wrong. I don’t know how you do it, but you stride each day knowing you’ll face the same challenges yet you stride through it unfazed. Could it be you had something in mind everyday? I sometimes think you had me in mind and get flustered knowing thats probably not the case but a girl can dream, right?

Sincerely with love,

Your Valentine