Sneak Peek: The Title Revealed!

Hey guys! A thousand apologies for not posting a story on Friday, I was dealing with a serious curveball and it took me the weekend to get over it. So to make it up to you I wanted to drop a sneak peek. Like I mentioned before there’s a new book coming out in the fall. And here is the title. The book is called Silent Rage. This title has been stuck in my head for years and I’m happy it has a home and no longer remains just a name in my head.

Please note, the sneak peek is the title. This is not the book cover. There will be more sneak peeks in the future, I’m not going to say when. If you want to know first about the sneak peeks, head over to our Instagram and follow us. We announce the sneak peek there first, then announce here on the blog. Until the next time, see you guys later.