Valentines Day Blog

Hey everyone Sernaro here. I wanted to talk about something that initially inspired me to write, valentines day.

Before meeting Taci, there was someone I liked in a romantic way back in high school. My feelings were pretty confused about it but I liked him. I used to write stories all the time about it all the time in my dream journal cause (surprise!) he would show up in my dreams pretty often. There was one story I wrote for him to read on Valentines day that year and I couldn’t find the courage to give him the story.

Besides that, the story I wrote was a fantasy based one that described the love between two people who weren’t sure how they felt. Of course, this was based on one of the dreams I had at the time so I just tweeted a few things so that it wouldn’t make things too obvious who the characters implied they were. Well there wasn’t an ending to that dream because I couldn’t quite remember it. I made up two based on my mood so I wrote the classic “happy ending” ending into the paper I wrote for him.

But it became very clear he had very mixed feelings about me. I didn’t exactly know what that meant at the time as upon reflection it meant I could’ve had a chance. I was too late though, his eyes followed another’s and all I could do was support him. I was happy for him when that relationship blossomed but I was left heart broken so I modified the stories ending to a sadder end. One where the couple couldn’t quite stick so the boy wanted to be friends and the girl just smiled with one final sentence to sum up how we both felt.

I hope this blog and my story gave you inspiration and an idea of how life can push you to do something about those feelings, cause sometimes it can help you when you least think you need it. Sernaro signing off.