Short “break up” scenario

“I don’t think I can”

“What?” The man’s gaze instantly sunk at my own words.

It’s not that I don’t like him, but I’m already in a committed relationship and I need to see how that one will play out. The man in front of me means the world to me too but…… I can’t reciprocate those feelings. I just need to choose my words carefully, I need him to know this isn’t goodbye.

“You’re a great guy and I might have been able to love you but I don’t love you the way you love me.”

His mouth opened as if to say something but words couldn’t flow out. I suppose he didn’t want to give up but I want him to move on. I can’t watch him get hurt any longer because of me.

“I love him and I really wanna do more for our relationship. I know we’re just in high school but I I feel like I can’t live without him.”

He reached out for my hand but I shrugged it off and turned around. I can’t let him see the tears run down my face. It didn’t matter if he was rich or that I do like him. He’s not leaving until I go.

“I’m sorry.”