Coming to the Light

Hey guys!

2019 has started and we are ready to make this our year. New things are going to happen and I can’t wait to show you but for now it’s on the down low. However I will say this, I am currently working on another book. Now this one will not be part of the Whispers in the Dark Series. This one is a bit more personal and it has been put to the side for years.

A little background of the new novel; it was written back when I was a senior in high school. Although it was a last minute job, I ended up getting an A on the story. I kept thinking there was potential but I brushed it off and started to put my focus on the Whispers book. Taking a look at it, I can’t deny it anymore.

It’s time to let everyone know about it. I’m super excited for the book to be completed and don’t worry I’ll give you some sneak peeks here and there. This book will be coming out in the fall of the year so stay tuned for more details!