Just Another Day

Walking through the double doors of the colorful building felt so mundane that it’s become habitual. Nothing quite as different no matter how crowded the arcade area is or if it’s just the buzzing sounds of the game machines roaring to life. I didn’t bother, I used to come here every Wednesday just for a chance to place the coin drop game just so I could win ten thousand tickets a week to win something but I’ve won my prize and it just wasn’t as entertaining anymore. I made my way to the hostess podium where a young lady stood smiling at me.

“Hi there, you’re here for a table or just your weekly drink?” Her professional customer service voice pleasant and kind.

“Thanks, Tiffany, I’ll just head to the bar today,” I replied in the most pleasant tone I could muster.

“Go on right ahead then!”

I smiled at her once more before walking past the tables and into the round bar station. The atmosphere was very ambient and quiet this time around as any usual late winter evening was. Only a few people sat around with a couple here and some friends sitting there.

But I was all on my own tonight. About two years ago I might’ve thought that this was depressing and that I should probably just walk out and head somewhere else. Today though, I didn’t care enough about what people thought of me coming here weekly. It didn’t matter to me that I only bought a drink or two and then decided to go home for the night. I was just here for myself cause I wanted to be, not because I needed to drink alcohol to feel okay.

“Want the usual, sweetheart?” The bartender smiled at me as he usually does. Maybe it was because I always gave him business? I didn’t think about it too much.

“Yes sir, I’ll start with the adult snow cone first this time.”

“Trying to spice things up?” A hint of curiosity escaped his voice.

“Yeah, just another day if I didn’t, you know?”

“You got it, coming right up”

I suppose I should probably feel a little more flattered but I just felt like relaxing. I just wanted some alone time. It didn’t matter if any of the friends I invited showed up, it felt nice sitting here. Just another day for me and I was happy enough that I could have this moment to myself.