Being a Self Proclaimed Editor

This is Sernaro and welcome back for more of our weekly blog posts. Today I wanted to talk about something that recently came up for me and how I feel about it. Like my previous blog has stated, I am certainly not a professional at editing even though I have been at it for about four years now. In fact, I just barely consider myself an editor as I don’t have any particular skills pertaining to the study of English and literature.

Being an editor didn’t use to mean anything to me when I first started out reading through Taci’s earliest story drafts that definitely needed help (Sorry Taci, I love you <3). At that point, I just wanted to improve on the quality of the work in front of me and I discovered I had a knack for it. Over time, I developed my editing skills further and its come a long way but I know I always have a chance for improvement somewhere down the line.

So here I am now, a freelance editor and a co-author with my best friend. To be honest, it feels kind of surreal that we’ve come this far. I don’t feel much different then I had four years ago yet I’ve grown. It was only weeks ago that I found myself reading our book at the ice cream place and it felt amazing (by the way, that is the actual picture of the day we went to get ice cream and those are my real legs).

Sernaro signing off.